January 2, 2024

Camping is quite an interesting concept and is a general way through which you can add excitement to your vacation. It is one of the best concepts if you want to spend a couple of time close to nature. Thus, if you are wondering about camping, check out this read to the very end. Whilst covering the best camping locations in New Zealand, we w

ill also provide you with general information on how you can camp holidays in the selected destination. If you are planning to partake in camping and are a green-horn, then these tips are definitely going to help you a lot. Give a sight at the compiled information to make your vacation hassle-free and more exciting. Here, we will be enlisting tips from soup to nuts to ensure that your camping idea in New Zealand won’t fail.

Compiling the basic information about New Zealand

A country packed with stunning and diverse natural beauty, scenic lakes, and majestic mountains, New Zealand is known by several other names. Two nicknames defining the beauty of the place are “God’s Own Country” and “Paradise of the Pacific.” Over the years, New Zealand made enormous growth when evaluated on an overall basis. A trip to New Zealand is worthy as the country comprises two islands: North Island and South Island. Despite the jaw-dropping beauty that this country holds, it has made some major changes in the equality of people as well.

It is the first country to grant permission of voting rights to women. Moreover, the country provides a home to wildlife, and this is the other major reason that justifies its beauty.

Strange facts relating to New Zealand

Some of the facts relating to the country that you should also know have been laid down:

  • Around 30% of the country is a national reserve.
  • “Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu” – A town with the largest name in the entire world is in New Zealand.
  • It does have a place having the steepest road called “Dunedin.”
  • Another fact that made it popular across the world is that it is the last country inhabited by humans.
  • The country is abode to numerous adventurous activities, some of which are skydiving, bungee jumping, and white-water rafting. The major activities that one can enjoy in New Zealand are the adrenaline ones.
  • Having a visibility of around 70-80 meters deep, Blue Lake is known all around the world for its clear water.
  • Hector’s Dolphin (world’s smallest Dolphin) can be traced here.

General camping tips that are goanna help you for sure

Camping is an amazing idea that lets people experience something new and different. But, if you are naïve, then there are a couple of things that you need to acknowledge before you commence on the camping preparations. Thus, irrespective of the fact if you are a seasonal camper or a novice, we are elucidating some information relating to camping. A handful of tips relating to camping have been listed below:

  1. Picking up a favourable location for camping

The one and foremost aspect that plays a significant role is the spot selection for camping i.e. the spot that you are going to finalize. It may seem easy, but it is the foundation of your camping. Thus, it takes work, though. This requires in-depth investigation and evaluation of the places that are suitable for camping. Another factor that influences your research relating to spot selection is whether kids or seniors are accompanying you or not. If yes, then you need to be more careful and deeply evaluate even minor aspects before finalizing a spot for camping. Some of the elements that can help you in spot selection are:

  • Explore the underrated places so that you can avoid the crowd
  • Check out the best camping locations in New Zealand
  • Seek help from the Google Maps
  • Avoid water spots
  • Make an estimate of the budget and then evaluate the shortlisted spots that best match your financial funds.
  • Try to keep alternatives in case of a change in plans in the nick of time
  1. Carefully create a packing list

Another great factor that should be considered while planning for camping is to create a list of packing carefully. Right from the minor things to the major ones, you need to emphasize on all and get them included in your vacation. A couple of the items that you should pack whilst camping at the best camping locations in New Zealand are:

  • Torch/Flashlight
  • Matchboxes
  • Sleeping bags and Pillows
  • Whistles (Emergency)
  • Liquid soap (Multi-purpose)
  • The current map of the region
  • Foldable chairs, etc.
  1. Be ready for some wet days as well

Weather can be changed anytime. When talking about New Zealand, there is one popular quote defining its season and i.e. “Four seasons in one day.” This indicates that you can rely on the weather predictions. Thus, make preparations that best suit all weather types. Even if you have selected a location from the best camping locations in New Zealandthen also pack all the stuff that you might need in worse weather, say rain.

  1. Give your kids lessons on Campground Etiquette

Educating your children about the Campground Etiquette before leaving for camping will surely goanna help you a lot later. Kids are quite notorious; thus, making them aware of the camping environment will reduce your burden of handling them at the camping site.

Moreover, you can even involve your kids in packing as well, so that you can also get an idea of how camping is planned. No matter if you have opted for the best camping locations in New Zealand, educating your children about the basic rules is equally important.

  1. Pay heed to the safety and security measures

Even the best camping locations in New Zealand might need more safety and security. While heading for camping, deeply evaluate and investigate the safety and security measures that best match your camping nature. There are a couple of factors that are to be put on the decision table to frame the safety and security rules. Some of the driving elements of determining the safety measures are:

  • The age of the people accompanying you on the vacation
  • The degree of independence of the people in your camp
  • Keep distance from the forest locations
  • Try to build connectivity with the other people, also
  1. Secure your food effectively

Next comes the food. Try to store your food safely in sealed containers. Moreover, place them outside your camp. If you are in the best camping locations in New Zealand(campsite), then there you might find some common storage places wherein you can preserve your food. Further, if you have a car, then you can store your food in it.

  1. Clear out the campsite before leaving

Leave the place as it was… Though many of the campers don’t pay attention to it, this is one of the most important etiquette of camping. Most of the researches says that the core of planning camping is to spend a couple of time in the lap of nature. Therefore, after you are done with the camping, clear the space as it was earlier.

Compiling the best camping locations in New Zealand

New Zealand is counted among the top tourist destinations due to its charming beauty, panoramic views, spectacular tourist destinations, beaches, and other amazing spots for visitors. Here, you can spot a string of several activities, from the adventurous one to the relaxing one, but another exciting activity that is quite popular at this destination is “Camping.”

Thus, to help you out with some of the amazing camping destinations from which you can opt one for your vacation is covered under this section. Some of the surreal camping destinations in New Zealand have been summarized underneath.

  1. Matai Bay: Place with verdant greenery

On the Northern Island of Kerikeri Peninsula, you’ll find a common spot for camping in Matai Bay. The general principle of this campsite is the “First Come, First Serve.” It is one of the Top campgrounds in New Zealand  and is a general spot for fishing and sea life enthusiasts as well. The spot provides land to over 100 tents and is enveloped with Pohutukawa trees. The general activities that you can enjoy here are surfing, diving, swimming, and kayaking. The other highlights of this place are the tranquillity of nature, white sand beaches, and the lush forests.

  1. Poukaraka Flats: Camping spot incorporated with basic facilities

Another one making its place amongst the Top campgrounds in New Zealand is  Po karaka Flats. Enveloped with wetlands, forests, beaches, and historic reserves, rejuvenation and relaxation are for what this spot is highly popular in. Picture perfect; this camping spot offers several other activities that one can enjoy. The spot is equipped with basic amenities/facilities, i.e., restrooms, barbeque, outdoor showers, etc. However, the only condition that one needs to fulfil here is that they should carry their own tent.

  1. Mataura Bay: Providing easy access to adventurous activities

Golden sand beaches and Cobalt blue water are the key highlights of this destination. Mataura Bay is the prime destination among campers and is also amongst the best camping locations in New Zealand. Incorporated with basic essential amenities and offering a wide range of exciting adventurous activities, you’ll find this camping destination on the Northern side of the Bay of Islands. Here, you can indulge in diving, snorkelling, swimming, and other water sports as well.

  1. Robin Hood Bay: Best camping option on the Southern Island

Pet-friendly, incorporating all the basic amenities this camping spot is located on the South Island of New Zealand. The place has a lot of activities for adventure junkies as well. Thus, if you are wandering for a place wherein you can get all these facilities, then without any hesitation, head to Robin Hood Bay. Covered amongst the list of best camping locations in New Zealand, campers can enjoy fishing and checking out dolphins. Here, campers can spot Hector’s dolphins.

  1. Bream Bay: Exhibiting picturesque rural scenery

Dotted with several beaches across its length, Bream Bay is spread over an area of 13 miles. You will usually spot crowds at this camping destination if you are visiting here during the peak season, i.e., amidst the summer vacations. However, the spot is quite calm during the off-season. The general activities that you can enjoy at one of the Top campgrounds in New Zealand include swimming, surfing, boating, and fishing. Thus, before moving ahead for camping at this spot, one should ensure that it’s not a peak season if he wants to spend some hours in silence.

  1. Queen Charlotte Sound: Offering a combination of challenging hiking with camping

There are four sounds of the Sunken River Valleys that collaboratively form The Marlborough Sounds. The four sounds that collectively form The Marlborough Sounds are the Queen Charlotte Sound, Pelorus, Keepers, and Manau Sounds. Out of the listed ones, the Queen Charlotte Sound is a good camping destination.

Apart from being counted amongst the best camping locations in New Zealand, this spot offers an impressive hiking opportunity as well that rests for around 4-5 days on average. Furthermore, hiking at this destination is quite a challenging task, so if you are adventurous, then you should definitely try it out.

  1. Matura Island: Abode for the native flora and fauna

One of the most highly scenic and interesting camping spots in New Zealand is Matura Island. Apart from being the best camping locations in New Zealand, this island is also a picnic-friendly spot. The other major attractions that appeals tourists from different corners of the world are the alluring hiking trails and the charming beaches.

Moreover, you can immerse in the spectacular beauty of the nature not during the day but at night as well. Furthermore, you can even spot wildlife over there. Seals and kiwis can be spotted easily there.

  1. Urupukapuka Bay Campsite: Seize seaside vistas

Owned by the Department of Conservation, this spot is easily accessible through water taxis and ferries. The destination is highly favourable for family vacations, and it does offer some exciting hiking trails. One thing that you should memorize about this place is that booking the campsite is a prerequisite.

Moving ahead, a couple of adventurous and recreational activities that you can indulge at one of the best camping locations in New Zealand are surfing, fishing, kayaking, and swimming. Further, the other activities that you can enjoy are hiking and trekking.

  1. Fantail Bay: Spot the mesmerizing ocean view

Imagine camping beneath the dense green Pohutukawa tall trees in Fantail Bay, adding value to your camping experience and enhancing the ocean’s beauty. It sounds quite unrealistic, but it’s not.

Though there are a good number of Top campgrounds in New Zealand, Fantail Bay provides unparalleled scenic beauty along with a couple of adventurous activities. Needless to say, the place is considered ideal for swimming, but it does offer several other amazing opportunities, such as trekking and hiking.

  1. Spirits Bay: Gaze wildlife while camping

Listed amongst theTopcampgrounds in New Zealand, Spirits Bay offers campers a wide area encompassing verdant greenery, wildlife, and sandy beaches as well. The name popularly calls the spot ‘Kupwara’s”. Further, the place offers around 45 well-equipped and fitted tents for rent, but still, it is advisable to carry your tent.

The most popular activities that campers enjoy doing here are watching out for wildlife and birds. Further, you can indulge in swimming, fishing, and trekking as well.

What are the other best camping locations in New Zealand?

In addition to the camping spots listed above, several other destinations can be opted to enjoy camping while exploring the beauty of New Zealand. To provide you with an idea of some of the other camping destinations, we are listing them below.

  • Opoutere Coastal Camping
  • Totaranui campground
  • Pohara Beach Holiday Park
  • Wahiawa Bay
  • Anara Bay Motor Camp
  • Blue Lake Holiday Park
  • Whitecap Campsite
  • Punklike Beach Camp

The list of camping destinations in New Zealand doesn’t end here only. There are several other spots that you can select for your camping idea. Moreover, what’s more important while camping is to attentively consider the camping tips as well.

Summarizing the read…

In the above read, we have enlisted the best camping locations in New Zealand from which you can opt for one. No doubt camping is a brilliant idea that will surely make your vacation more exciting and thrilling, but it does come with some conditions.

You need to be attentive while planning and selecting the location of your camping. There are certain factors that you should definitely examine, particularly when kids or senior citizens are accompanying you. Thus, we have enlisted a couple of factors that you should consider for sure.

“Camping is the simplest way to spice up your New Zealand vacation along with staying close to nature.”