Terms and Conditions

The website of TrekHops is created to facilitate travelers all over the world in making flight reservations, booking hotels, and hiring car rentals to any destination throughout the world. If you are looking for any of the facilities mentioned above, we will find the best price for you as well as refund you the difference.

However, before availing the services, you are suggested to go through the terms and conditions given here and accept them set henceforth. If you proceed to use the website, then it evidently signifies your acceptance to these Terms & Conditions. These clauses are linked with all booking-related transactions and other services offered on trekhops.com and are sanctioned under the legal obligations.

Applicability of an Agreement

In these Terms & Conditions, words like ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’ refers to the TrekHops and its affiliates; whereas, ‘you’, ‘user’, ‘their’, and ‘customer’ signify those who are using the website with the intent to find, compare, book the flights tickets, hotel bookings and fetch other travel offers available on this website.

General Disclaimer

If you make the use of our website, then it indicates your acceptance of the fares available through trekhops.com and its affiliates. You also agree to the fares showcased on our travel portal which is an outcome of an arrangement between TrekHops and associated Travel Suppliers. Keep in mind that these fares might include a certain fee charged by us for rendering these services.

If you are booking airline tickets and making hotel reservations with any of our Travel Suppliers through this website, then it simply means that you have allowed TrekHops in your sole discretion to book the travel services on your behalf with the travel supplier that you have selected for the given amount that includes fees, applicable charges, and taxes for the services you are willing to enjoy.

We are not responsible for any error appearing on this site as we are operating as an independent platform. We have no control over the fare changes made by the end travel suppliers. Along with that, we are also not liable for the failure of the end travel supplier whom you have selected to avail of the services through our website.

TrekHops serves as an independent travel platform and thus, we have no interference in the functioning of the end travel supplier comprising airlines, car rentals, and hotels. We have no control over the situation if the end travel supplier is unable to offer the services you desire, owing to any adverse conditions like government orders, curfew, bad weather conditions, strike, or any natural calamity. We shall not be held accountable for any refund from any harm; however, occurred by using any of the content, links, or offers to other websites embedded in this site.

If the supplier fails to provide you with the services after confirming your booking and you have made payment for the same, then we are not responsible for any refund. The refunds and other insurances will be initiated from the travel suppliers’ end or according to the applicable law. TrekHops is not liable to answer any of the undertaking carried out by the end travel supplier which is beyond our control.

In addition to this, we are not held responsible for any error, damage, injury, loss, omission, non-performance, or any consequence that happened because of the negligence of the end travel supplier but not limited to the hotels and airlines.

We have no control over the modifications of the fares, accommodation, flight schedule, and other services offered by the end travel supplier post confirmation of the payment. Moreover, TrekHops is not liable for any cancelation done because of the adverse weather conditions, natural calamity, or any other unforeseen reason that influences your travel booking made with us. We have the right not to mention the elements included in the travel products and services offered by our end travel suppliers but not limited to the offers, ratings, photographs, and discounts.

We are not accountable for the currency conversion fee or the final currency price that you will have to pay for any international booking made through our website. You must have to agree to the fact that currency rates are subject to the change and are updated on a regular basis according to the economic conditions. The fares showcased on our website are in the native currency.

Many tickets are non-refundable or else a certain cancelation fee will be charged while terminating the flight tickets and, therefore, you are suggested not to cancel your booking once the payment has been made. The refund entirely depends on the service provider. We hold no control on the airfares mentioned on the flight tickets that comprise tickets reserved under the particular fare and bulk price.

Deals and discounts available on our website depend on the destination, airline, travel class, advance notice, and the travel season. We are not taking any guarantee about the advertiser’s products and services that are mentioned and promoted on our website.

Keep in mind the fact that when you make bookings through our website, an agreement will be established between you and the end travel supplier. As a result, additional terms and conditions may be applicable to your flight bookings and hotel reservations. For this, we suggest you go through the Terms & Conditions mentioned on the end travel supplier’s website to avoid any hassle later on.

When you click ‘I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions’ while browsing, registering or using the website with the objective to book the services available on the website, it means that you acknowledge that:

  • You authorize TrekHops to make payment for the concerned services available on our website.
  • You are a potential service user.
  • You will be going to abide by all the rules embedded in these Terms & Conditions and any other reference document mentioned herein.
  • You are authorized to submit these Terms & Conditions.

Certain suppliers might ask you to show the credit or deposit the cash while checking-in to compensate for the additional cost applicable during your stay or while using any of the booking-related services available through the website. Such payments will not be showcased on the invoice received by us for the services booked like flights, car rental, and hotels. Any breach made against the rules of the end travel suppliers might make your bookings null and void. The supplier has the right to deny you from availing the services you have booked. Also, the refund entirely depends on the supplier’s policy.

Restrictions of Disclaimer

Under any circumstance, we and our collaborators shall not be held accountable for any damage including the virus attack on your computer, data loss or any technical fault while using your account or while browsing and downloading of text, video, audio, images or any other information from our website or from the data linked to the mail sent by TrekHops.

Also, we are not responsible for any injury, direct or indirect damage, claim, loss, consequential or incidental damage of any type, be it already given in the contract or that happens out of or in any way linked to the use or inability to make the use of the website or services or flight tickets booked through TrekHops.

Keep in mind the fact that our distributors and collaborators’ responsibilities will never go beyond the total fee set forth in the trip itinerary that might result in such accountability. Any such claim that is an outcome of your access and use of the products and services from this website that was presented within 180 days from the date on which such action arose or transaction was completed.

The laws that are already set forth might not include the limitation of the liability of such incidental damages. Thus, this limitation mentioned here above may not be applicable in your case.

We are not directly associated with the end travel suppliers. TrekHops is only responsible for promoting, sailing, and accepting reservations of the travel products and services including hotels, flights, meals travel insurance, cruises, and a lot more. We are not responsible for any issue concerning the products and services offered by the travel supplier through our website.

Price Match Challenge

We always try to offer all travel-related products and services like flight ticket booking, car rentals, and hotel reservations at an affordable price so that you can never run out of expectations.

However, if you find that the airfares of the same flight mentioned on the major competitors’ website are lower than ours or if the airfare has been dropped, then feel free to connect with our customer support agent within four hours of the flight booking and before 10:00 pm on that specific day.

What does ‘Major Competitor’ stand for?

By the word ‘Major Competitor (online travel agency)’, we are referring to the USA-based travel agencies that are into the same business as us. Some of the major competitors are Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and many more.

What do we mean by ‘available for booking’?

The term ‘Available for Booking’ is the condition in which the itinerary booked by you through this website was available for booking on the Major Competitor’s website at the time you contacted us.

What do you mean by the ‘same flight itinerary’?

It is the condition in which all elements included in your booking like itinerary, airline, travel class, the total number of passengers, and type of seat are matching with the one you find on the Major Competitor’s website.

Price Match Challenge Exceptions

There are certain exceptions to this Price Match Challenge such as:

  • This doesn’t apply to the fares that are available by applying the promotional code or discount coupon or the one that is availed through the corporate discounts, group travel deal, reward program, membership benefits, incentive, or consolidator fares.
  • This is not applicable to the flight bookings that fall under auction or bidding category if the flight tickets are referred to as opaque (those flight tickets whose details are not disclosed until the booking has been done and the payment has been made).
  • Also, it applies to only specific air carriers.
  • Bulk bookings, vacation packages, student travel military travel, or web-only fares are not entitled to the Price Match Challenge.


By using this website, you agree to the condition to irreversibly waive the proclaim made against TrekHops and its subsidiaries, collaborators, and its employees. As you are accepting of these Terms and Conditions, we are our affiliates, collaborators, and staff shall not be accountable for the following situations:

  • Termination of service, missed connecting flight, delayed departure, amendment in fares, and substitutions of accommodations.
  • Lack of enjoyment, any kind of inconvenience, mental distress, or any identical situation.
  • Booking or canceling the flight tickets more than once which is beyond our control.
  • Loss or damage to the property or injury to the person occurred due to the negligence or any unlawful act of the end travel supplier.
  • Any claim associated with your airline or any other service provider or other features in the connection with your itinerary.


Maintaining your confidential information is our utmost priority and we are ready to go the extra mile to achieve this objective. We assure you that the personal information shared by you at the time of registering or availing the services like name, gender, contact information, marital status, address, payment details are all secure and imparted using SSL encryption.

We have drafted a Privacy Policy for the customers that describes the way in which our company gathers information from you when you browse our website. In addition to this, the Privacy Policy also mentions all the practices in which handle your personal data that is entitled to confidentiality. You are advised to go through our Privacy Policy before using our website as your use of this site shows your acceptance to the clauses mentioned in the Privacy Policy set henceforth.

Ensuring your Security

To assure the security of your personal information and payment details and to ensure that your credit and debit card are not being used without your permission, our agent might call you to verify the details like the name on the card, address, registered contact information. These details are being collected just to avoid the breach caused by any third-party. When you accept Terms and Conditions with us, it clearly indicates that you authorize us to begin the authentication process as given here.

By agreeing to the verification process, you accept the fact that whatever personal information we are gathering from you might be shared with the registered credit card agency that might save your data as a record. You can rest assured that the credit card information collected by us is just with the objective to verify your identity to avoid any loss in the future. This process will never affect your credit ratings at all. All the details given by you will be safely processed at our end by abiding all laws of the Data Protection Act of 1998.

Warrant Clause

Before proceeding with our website, you need to assure the fact that TrekHops and its affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, staff, suppliers, and employees to take responsibility of any of the damage, loss, claims or the cost incurred by you and associated third-party because of the following reasons:

  • Your use of the TrekHops website
  • If you are refusing this contract
  • If you violate the clause or law of supplier, collaborators, and affiliates


If you fail to agree with any of our product or with the service supplier that comprises airlines, hotels, vacation packages, railroads, cruise lines, and activities supplier, then you can simply release us and our partners, affiliates, joint ventures and their directors, employees, managers, and agents from any claim, demand and damage of every type be it known or unknown appearing out of or in any way linked to such dispute.

Usage of Website

It is imperative to know that when you tick the checkbox ‘I have read and agree to the Terms of use’ while browsing our website, it clearly indicates that:

  • You are more than 18 years old.
  • You have the right to make the transactions for the services available on our site.
  • You are eligible to go through all the clauses stated in the ‘Terms and Conditions’.
  • You are a potential service user.
  • Whatever information you are sharing with us is authentic, accurate, and complete in every manner.
  • You are eligible for the restricted use of the website but not limited to booking the flight tickets and managing the same for yourself or on the behalf of others.
  • We hold the right to request the important documents associated with the validation of the cardholder. We can cancel your booking if you fail to provide the necessary documents as required by us.
  • You are bound by all the terms and conditions along with any other document embedded for reference herein.

Making Reservations

Before heading towards booking the flight tickets with us, you must know that fact all the ticket prices here are quoted in US Dollars.

If you are browsing our website with the intent to make reservations for any other person, then it is a sole duty to inform that person about the:

  • Terms and Conditions applied to every booking.
  • Rules and Restrictions apply to the purchase of tickets with us.
  • You are making reservations on their behalf.

Moreover, when you visit our site with the purpose to book the tickets for someone else, you will have to accept that:

  • You are financially responsible for using this website.
  • You shall be held responsible for all the bookings made through your account
  • You will be accountable for the usage of your account by others.

Any fraud, speculative, and false booking will be termed as null and void under any circumstance.

Disclosure of Information

If you make the use of any of the website features for uploading material on the site or if you want to connect with any other user of the website, then you will have to abide by the law and clauses as applicable.

We are very particular about safeguarding the security and integrity of our services and, therefore, all the materials you upload on the website will be termed as non-confidential and non-proprietary. TrekHops reserves the right to use, store, copy, distribute, and disclose to the third-party.

In addition to this, we have the right to disclose your identity if someone claims that the information uploaded by you on our website is not accurate or violates the law.

Troubleshooting the Disputes

Your satisfaction is our topmost priority and we will take every possible step to offer you the ultimate experience. If there is any issue created between you and TrekHops, then we are ready to fix the problem as early as we can in the best possible way.

It is suggested that before proceeding towards any legal action, you must connect with our customer support team at +1-888-598-1359 or drop an email stating the issue at [email protected] so that our agents can get into matters and resolve the problem.

Moreover, an agreement can also be established where both you and TrekHops agree to troubleshoot the problem or controversy that has occurred owing to your use of the website, Terms, and Conditions, breach, termination, and enforcement or due to the previous version or site or Terms and Conditions. That agreement must be created according to the subsections of Troubleshooting the Disputes section or else it can be prepared with the mutual agreement of both parties in writing.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction Clause

This agreement is applicable to all the customers and is governed by the internal laws of the US. Both the parties (Customer and Trekhops) will agree to the fact that if any issue arises from or related to this agreement, then it shall be resolved in the courts of the US.

Illicit Activities

We offer you a limited and non-transferable license to make the use of our website by adhering to the terms and conditions given herein.

  • This website can be used only for making a flight booking and Hotel reservations. You cannot use the website for making any false or fraudulent bookings.
  • You are not allowed to make the use of any device or software that can affect our travel portal.
  • You cannot make a flight booking with us by using a fictional identity.
  • You are not allowed to take any action that would affect the functioning of TrekHops.
  • You are strictly not allowed to post or publish any threatening, unlawful, defamatory, pornographic, inflammatory, profane, or obscene material on our website. Also, you are not allowed to encourage the activities that further results in the criminal offense or attempt to commit the criminal or unlawful act or violate the law, or give rise to civil liability.

In addition to this, you are not permitted to post any information on the site that:

  • Infringes the right of others
  • Violates the law
  • Protected by copyright, trademark, patent, or other proprietary act without the written approval of the owner of these rights.
  • Used to unlawfully conspire against another person in control of trade or competition.
  • Includes a bug, virus, or other dangerous program or file that can cause harm

You are solely responsible for any loss caused by compromising the copyright or other proprietary rights from your use of this website.

TrekHops shall not take any responsibility for any damage or loss including denial of service attack, or other harmful files or viruses that can attack your computer or laptop or mobile while using this website or by fetching the link embedded in this site. Moreover, if we find you violating the clauses and rules, then we have the right to terminate your account or restrict you from the usage of this website or make your reservation null and void.

Link to Third-Party Websites

There are several links embedded in our website that facilitate the users to browse the offers and deals provided by the other travel suppliers. Moreover, our website includes various advertisement content as well, both travel-related and others.

However, before clicking the links, you must know the fact that we have no connection with the third-party websites and we are not endorsing any such suppliers. We are not responsible for any loss incurred by you by opening the links, content, and offers available on other sites that are embedded into our website and its affiliates.

Booking Terminologies and Restrictions

The following steps should be carried out to ensure the authenticity of travel booking.

  • We invite you to learn about the offers and the travel services available to purchase on our website. To make the service offer, you will have to tap on the ‘Confirm Booking’ on the payment page of our website.
  • Once you click on the ‘Confirm Booking’ button and initiate the booking process, you are not allowed to withdraw it under any circumstance. As by tapping on the ‘Confirm Booking’ button, you have given your acceptance to buy the travel service from the relevant travel supplier.
  • We reserve the right to either accept your booking request on behalf of the relevant travel supplier or deny the same.
  • When we send a notification to the users, then it is just an acknowledgment that we have received your booking request; however, it is not taken as the booking confirmation in any way.
  • To process your booking request, we will have to connect with the end travel supplier in order to know about the availability of the travel offer requested by you. We will commence your booking process further only if the travel offer is available and we get the confirmation about the same from the supplier.
  • It is imperative to know that the contract related to the booking will be termed as valid only when you have made the full payment.
  • The contract between you and the end travel supplier will be considered as valid only in terms of services confirmed through email along with reservation receipt and a ticket number.
  • We offer no guarantee about the availability, travel dates, and price of the flight tickets until a contract has been created between you and the end travel supplier and the ticket has been booked in your name.
  • Once you get the booking confirmation email, you will be then allowed to only cancel or modify the booking information according to the applicable law and Terms and Conditions, given herein.
  • The whole booking process is based on the end travel supplier’s Terms and Conditions, including airline, car rental, hotel, and attractions. We hold the right to amend the booking procedure at any time and the changes will come into effect from the date such changes are published on the website.
  • A government-generated photo id is an integral document that is required throughout the journey for hassle-free security check-ins at airports, car rental, and hotels. In addition to this, a proof of citizenship (passport) is mandatory to carry while flying to international destinations. Carrying such important documents throughout the travel is the sole duty of the travelers in the absence of which you might not be allowed to board the plane.
  • TrekHops and its collaborators and partners shall not be accountable if you fall under the No-Show category or if you are denied for boarding by the travel supplier or the airport authority. In such cases, you will also not be eligible for any refund.
  • Depending on your destination, the entry or exit charges are applicable. These are added to your booking charges and you will be responsible to pay the same.
  • All travelers must have to travel on the same itinerary if they have made the same booking. You are not allowed to add or delete the passenger on the existing booking.
  • It might be possible that miles or frequent traveler points are not available for any particular portion of the booking. Before using the same, you are advised to connect with the travel supplier first.
  • We have the right to make amendments in the advertised price or we can also correct the error in the same. If it is applicable, then you will be given an option to either terminate your existing booking or pay the difference between previous and modified fares, before the departure.
  • Once the flight ticket is issued in your name, you will not be permitted to modify your name or destination in the existing booking. Your reservations will be fulfilled on the date mentioned on the flight ticket.

Fees and Exceptions

TrekHops may charge a service fee according to per passenger and per ticket. This service fee is totally non-refundable and is mentioned here for your sake of convenience.

Post-Ticketing Service Fees For TrekHops
Cancellation and Refunds to Existing Tickets. Air - Economy (Amount Per Ticket) Air - Business/First (Amount Per Ticket)
Domestic International Domestic International
Void/Cancel (Within 24 Hours) - US Origin Bookings $75 $100 $150 $200
Void/Cancel (Same day before Midnight) - NON US Origin $75 $100 $150 $200
Changes to Existing Tickets. $50 $100 $150 $200
Changes to Existing Tickets. Air - Economy (Amount Per Ticket) Air - Business/First (Amount Per Ticket)
Domestic International Domestic International
Cancellation with Refund (Beyond 24 hrs for US Origin Bookings/ Beyond Midnight for Non US Origin Bookings) 20% 25% 30% 35%
Voluntary Changes- (Changes to Itinerary, Dates , Route etc) 20% 25% 30% 35%
Special Service on Existing Tickets. Air - Economy (Amount Per Ticket) Air - Business/First (Amount Per Ticket)
Domestic International Domestic International
Seats $25 $50 $75 $100
Baggage Fees $25 $50 $75 $100
Agent Assisted Waivers ( Death/Bereavement Duplicate Infant Medical Military Name Change Name Correction No Show Reinstate Routing Changes Ticket Validity UNMR Visa/Schengen Visa Issues ) $50 $100 $150 $200
Pre-Ticketing Service Fees For TrekHops ( New Booking )
Ticket Value in USD Domestic ( With in US and Canada ) International (Out side US and Canada)
Ticket Value less then $300.00 $50 $75
Ticket Value Between $300.00 - $400 $75 $100
Ticket Value Between $500.00 - $600 $100 $150
Ticket value above $600.00 $200 $300
Pre-Ticketing Service Fees For TrekHops ( CARS )
Duration Same Pick Up Location Different Pick Location
Duration Less then 48 Hrs ( 2 Days ) $10 $20
Between 48Hrs - 96Hrs $20 $30
More then 96Hrs ( 4 Days ) $100 $200
Pre-Ticketing Service Fees For TrekHops ( Hotels )
No. Of Nights Less then 2 Nights ( Charge per night ) More then 2 Nights
Hotel Value less then $100.00 15% 10%
Hotel Value Between $100.00 - $250.00 25% 20%
Hotel Value Between $250.00 - $500.00 30% 25%
Hotel value above $500.00 35% 30%
Important Terms to be Noted
  • Airlines Fees and Service fee may reflect with two different Charges on your account.
  • Service fees on all changes, refunds, cancellations and future credits will be charged on a per passenger, per ticket basis.
  • Like our transaction service fees (booking fees), all post-ticketing service fees are non-refundable and are subject to change without notice. Our fees are in addition to any airline and/or other supplier imposed fees and charges.
  • Most of our airline tickets are non-refundable. Airline Refunds/Future credits are subject to airline fare rules, policies and procedures.
  • Important Note: All service fees are subject to change without notice. YOU WILL BE CHARGED THE FINAL TOTAL PRICE AS QUOTED REGARDLESS OF ANY CHANGE OR VARIANCE IN THE SERVICE FEES. Please review the total final price carefully.
  • Two different charges will be displayed on your account, namely - Airline fee and Service charges.
  • Any traveler, be it an adult, infant with a seat, senior citizen, and child are liable to pay fees.
  • On all refunds, changes, credits, and cancelations, the service fee will be charged according to per passenger and per ticket basis.
  • The airline tickets are usually non-refundable. However, Airline refunds and future credits are entirely based on the airline’s policies and procedures.
  • Like booking charges, our post-ticketing service charges are also non-refundable and they are subject to change at any instance of time. Our service charges are additional to any airline or other end supplier fees.
  • For all private/ tournet/ net/ JCB fares, the service fee will be termed as the difference between the net and pub fare along with the pub fare mentioned above in the table.

Airline’s contract of carriage

The terms and conditions described in this agreement are binding to the terms of the contract of carriage of each airline. All the travelers have the right to go through and understand the full text of the contract of carriage at city ticket offices or at the airport. Users can also request a particular airline to send the contract of carriage via email or any other service.

The clauses of the contract of carriage may include-

  • Rights of the airline to make changes to the terms of the contract;
  • Rules about the confirmation of booking, refusal to carry, and check-in times;
  • Claim restrictions, including but not limited to time periods within which a user can request a claim;
  • Limitations and rights of the airline concerning failure or delay to perform service, including rerouting, substitution of alternate aircraft or airline, and schedule changes;
  • Limits on the liability of the airline in case of death of passengers or personal injury, and for damage, delay, or loss of baggage and goods, including perishable and fragile goods.

Payment, fees/taxes, and pricing

The total price mentioned includes all the applicable taxes, charges, and fees to car hire, hotel stay, airfare, and other travel elements you selected at the time making a reservation through TrekHops. All these details will be mentioned on your ticket, which will be sent to you via email. Moreover, you may have to pay other charges as well, including but not restricted to baggage fees, hotel incidentals, seat reservation, security, and surcharges as applicable. You will be charged at the time of check-in by the end supplier. You accept and approve all the charges applied by the end-supplier to you. In case of any issue or concern, we recommend you contact the airline directly as TrekHops has no control over charges and applicable fees.

The fares offered to users on TrekHops to buy or avail travel services as per their preferences do not incorporate personal effects protection, liability insurance, collision damage waiver, drop-off charges, personal accident insurance, or incidental room charges at the child safety seats, gas, and hotel. The charges that are mentioned above should be paid the check-in time before or during car rental pick-up or/and at the hotel.

It is the sole responsibility of the passengers to produce an authentic and valid debit or credit card at the time of reservation to initiate the payment process. We accept all debit and credit cards with authentic billing addresses. After initiating the payment, you allow TrekHops or authorized third-party at your discretion to process the payment for the total amount of booking.

It is the responsibility of the passengers to produce valid and authentic debit or credit card at the time of car hire pickup or hotel check-in to validate the card usage and secure any additional charges. Keep in mind that the cardholder whose debit or credit card you will produce must be one of your fellow passengers.

Please note that all the fares, offers, and arrangements for sale may subject to-

  • availability
  • change without prior notice
  • seating eligibility, advance purchase, or other restrictions
  • booking validation restrictions up to one year
  • blackout dates, seasons, holidays, stopovers, number of days, date of travel, or/and waitlisting restrictions
  • other restrictions or conditions

A booking is not considered complete until a confirmed ticket has been issued. To avoid any damage or loss that might happen to its users, TrekHops will authenticate the credit card verification number and billing address.

Until the verification and authentication process is completed, the fare quoted to you is subject to change. If the selected fare is no more available, you will be delivered an approval code on your credit card. If in any case, the transaction gets failed, this code will credit the money from your bank account.

TrekHops shall not be held liable if we are unable to verify the details of your credit/debit card or any debit/credit card produced by you gets declined or the travel provider/ issuing company declines the transaction.

Warsaw Convention

In any case, if your journey includes the final destination or a stop in a country that is different from the country of your departure you mentioned at the time of booking, in that situation, the agreement is known as the “Warsaw Convention,” which should be applied to your entire itinerary.

Please notice when the “Warsaw Convention” applies to your booking, the liability of certain air carriers gets restricted in case of injury to passengers, loss of belongings like luggage, death

Advice to International travelers

Passengers who are going on a journey that includes the final destination or stop in a country, which is not the same as entered at the time of booking, those passengers are entitled to treaties including the “Montreal Convention” and “Warsaw Convention.”

When the “Montreal Convention” and “Warsaw Convention” apply to your journey, the liability of certain air carriers gets restricted in case of loss of belongings, death, or injury to passengers.

It is highly advised to opt for travel insurance to avail of additional protection to your trip. These travel insurances remain unaffected under the Montreal Convention or Warsaw Convention. Contact the insurance company or the airline for more details.

Changes to an existing booking

Conventionally, most of the airlines, cruise packages, cars, and hotels do not have policies to make any modifications to the booking, including but not restricted to the number of passengers, date of travel, name of the passenger, etc. TrekHopsshall not be held responsible for any adverse effect owing to the changes in the initial itinerary as requested by the user.

We shall not be held accountable for any damage or loss that occurred due to the cancelation of the scheduled flight because of the adverse weather conditions and other mishaps.

Cancelation/Modification Policy

TrekHops has a descriptive cancelation policy so that users can have complete knowledge of the cancelation and refund policy. The terms and clauses mentioned here are flexible as well as rigid and have been crafted on the basis of supplier policy. All the cancelation requests related to airline booking should be initiated through the phone by talking to the customer service agent. However, the cancelation request will be initiated only if the following criteria have been met:

  • If you have not made booking under exclusive offers and deals
  • If the particular airline’s policy has the scope to process the amendments and cancelation requests
  • If the passenger has requested the cancelation by directly calling our customer service representative through our dedicated number.
  • If the scheduled flight gets canceled due to government orders, curfew, natural calamity, strike, weather conditions, and other unforeseen reasons.

TrekHops doesn’t recommend any changes in online flight bookings once they are completed. Our site reserves the right in its sole discretion to or not carry out the changing process, which is related to the rescheduling or postponing of the current flight booking.     

Refund Policy

Usually, after 24 hours of your initial booking, service fees charged by the airline, travel agency, and trip protection insurance are non-refundable. However, TrekHops will consider the request of refund if the forthcoming criteria have been met:

  • Like our transaction service fees (booking fees), all post-ticketing service fees are non-refundable and are subject to change without notice. Our fees are in addition to any airline and/or other supplier imposed fees and charges.
  • Most of our airline tickets are non-refundable. Airline Refunds/Future credits are subject to airline fare rules, policies and procedures.
  • If the user has filed the petition for a refund via a call to our customer service representative, and if the fare rules of the designated end supplier and the airline allow to process the refund, then the request for refund would be considered as valid. This condition is not applicable to booking on which “no show” policy has been applied. Please note that “no show” reservations are not entitled to refunds.
  • If we are able to secure waivers to process the refund request from suppliers.

TrekHops has no power in giving a designated time frame that will be required to process the requested refund of the passenger. The whole process of refund request is performed in a fixed order. An email notification will be sent to the passenger by us informing him/her that a refund request has been received. This notification is just an acknowledgment and in no way, it implies that the passenger is entitled to a refund. A unique tracking number will be given in that email.

Upon getting the refund request, our site will initiate the process and will get in touch with the suppliers like airlines to produce a waiver based on the rules of the airline and shall inform you about the supplier decision.

Our service fee is non-refundable, which you will pay at the time of the booking. It is entirely the end supplier’s decision whether you get a refund from the airline or not. Once your request is accepted, it takes seven or more working days for the refund amount to appear in your account. In general, there is a specific penalty that suppliers charge against the refund.

The total time that may take for the entire refund process is 60-90 days from the time of request for the refund. In addition to the refund penalties of the particular airline, TrekHops will also charge a post-ticketing service fee, as applicable. The passenger will only receive a refund if the supplier approves it. If the user is not eligible for a refund, we will reimburse the applicable post-ticketing service fees. This is not applicable to TrekHops booking fees for the original travel reservations.

Promo Codes

  • TrekHops will issue promo codes to its users, which can be used on online bookings only. Get the promo code by talking to our customer service representative over the phone.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to receive promo codes via email.
  • The maximum discounts that you can avail from TrekHops promo codes are up to 30%.
  • Promo code that a particular user receives is exclusive to him and is non-transferable. These promo codes can’t be bartered, sold, or combined with another offer. Customers can’t even redeem these codes for cash.

Enter the valid promo code while making a booking in order to avail of the discount. If you enter an incorrect promo code, then you will not get any discounts. If any technical error occurs while applying the promo code, then you reserve all the rights to deny availing travel services. Please note that promo codes can’t be applied once you have made payment and the ticket has been issued to you.

TrekHops holds the power to make changes in the issued promo codes and withdraw it without any notice.

Post payment price guarantee and fare changes

If there are any changes in the airfares before the processing of the payment, then you will receive a notification informing about the same. After getting a notification, you have the right to decline or accept the transaction. You will not be charged with anything upon declining.

TrekHops Post Payment Price Guarantee

Once the user has successfully made the payment, TrekHops guarantees to restrict any changes in the prices of the airline tickets.

Payment Acceptance Policy

  • Debit and credit cards issued in Canada, the United States, and many other countries are accepted. Moreover, we also take AE/AP billing addresses.
  • If the form of your payment is not accepted owing to any reason, then the traveler will be notified within 24 hours. For non-debit or non-credit card payments, it might take more than 24 hours.
  • All bookings like hotels, tours, and car rentals are considered confirmed after you will receive a confirmation email. In certain cases, you may have to pre-pay to get confirmation.
  • Debit or credit cards of users may be charged in various stages totaling the final price.

To ensure the protection in case of the high-risk transactions, we will initiate the payment process once our verification team makes sure that it is safe to process. We may have to contact you or your bank for validating such high-risk transactions.

Ticket Delivery

  • Though in most of the cases electronic or e-tickets are issued, but in some bookings, a paper ticket will be issued.
  • TrekHops will send a paper ticket via a safe delivery mode for bookings where e-tickets can’t be issued. The shipping fees for this delivery will be deducted from the credit holder’s account as posted on the website. It is highly suggested to check the shipping charges before making any reservations. You will view these charges before confirming your booking and you can choose to not go further with the booking to ignore these charges.
  • TrekHops is not responsible for the fault of the delivery company. We will definitely try to redeliver, however it may take some extra time. If you have provided the wrong address, then you will be charged with the extra fee for changing the address. You will be penalized on the credit card that you have used earlier for making the payment. The ticket information can be seen on the website in case of an electronic ticket.

Payments - Debit Cards/ Credit Cards

  • All the credit cards must have a verified billing address of Canada, the US, and any other country.
  • Reservations for vacation packages, car rentals, and hotels are not guaranteed unless you receive a confirmation number through email.
  • There is no guarantee of the fares and reservations until they are ticketed by the supplier.
  • You will be informed within 72 hours if your card gets declined.
  • When the user shares his/her card details to make a booking, TrekHops requests for the approval of the amount and holds it on a temporary basis. You won’t be charged if we are not able to move further with the booking. We will request your bank to release this hold. These hold funds are not available for any other purposes.
  • Keep in mind that in no case submitting the credit card gives guarantee if any reservation.

We shall not be held liable if the user’s debit or credit card does not get charged or approved owing to some reasons, like the unavailability of sufficient funds in the credit card or the airline could not confirm the booking.

In case, if airfares get increased, then you have all the power to cancel your reservation at no extra cost. When the booking is confirmed at the airfares initially shown to you, the ticket can’t be refunded or canceled.

TrekHops uses strict safety measures to process credit card payment. If there is any fake transaction, it will be reported to the airport security, the airlines, and other state & federal law enforcement.

Hereby the user accepts that he/she is solely responsible for all and credit card transactions. The user agrees not to dispute charges after the completion of the booking process. The user agrees to repay TrekHops in case of the credit card conflicts or chargeback where you have bought a service on [email protected].

Every transaction made over a call through the credit card is recorded and is available as a proof in case of any dispute. Credit card transactions will only be approved if the customer accepts the Terms & Conditions mentioned herein.

Baggage Policy and fees

Every airline charges an additional baggage fee for any extra baggage. Many airlines charge even for the first check-in baggage. We suggest you travel light if you don’t want to pay extra for your luggage. The baggage fee depends upon the weight and dimension of the bag and is different for every airline. Users are required to pay the baggage fees directly to the airline. Though you will find an updated table about the baggage on our site, still we recommend you get in touch with the airline to know the latest fees on checked baggage.

Baggage Policy for Connecting Flights

If you are traveling on a connecting flight, you are needed to claim your bags at the connecting airport. To continue your journey, check-in again with your baggage. If any user is flying with excess baggage, he/she will be charged with an excess amount.

Buying optional airline services and products

TrekHops gives an option to buy services like pre-reserved seat assignment and checked baggage depending on the particular airline, but you will be charged extra for availing these services. Users can request for special services like meals, frequent flyers, seats, and other services, but there is no guarantee that they will get these services. Any fee which will be charged for catering these services is non-refundable. TrekHops does not promise that you will get the same seat as requested. We give no guarantee that your special request will be entertained by a particular airline. That’s why we suggest users to get connected to the airline before the departure date to confirm these requests.

Please note that optional services and products are subject to the terms of use and availability of the airline. TrekHops strongly advised its users to go through the airline’s restrictions imposed on buying the optional services and products.

Hereby, the user accepts that TrekHops is only a marketing agent concerning optional products and services of any airline. If there is any issue related to the availability and use of the optional products and services, we advised you to contact the operating carrier.

Schedule changes and flight cancelations

Flight cancelations

Cancelation of flight and schedule changes may occur due to-

  • Fuel prices
  • An airport gate or terminal change
  • Civil unrest
  • Bankruptcy
  • Natural disasters like a volcano, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.
  • low/ high/ peak travel seasons

According to the policy, TrekHops shall not be held accountable for the missed, canceled, or not connecting flights owing to schedule changes by the airline.

Schedule changes policy

Policies associated with the schedule changes are different for different airlines and are beyond our control.

Any changes in the scheduled flight may occur because of the operational needs of each airline. The changes in arrival/departure dates, cancelations, routing, flight number, or time are often a prediction of travel requirements for a future date, but these can also show changes on the same day. Flight cancellation may occur when the airline temporarily cancels its services to some cities or stopped its services on some days of the week. If there is any change in the flight schedule, TrekHops will make every possible effort to inform you about the same. However, to confirm your flight, connect to the airline directly within 72 hours of departure.

Before departure

TrekHops will send you a notification via email if there is any change in the flight schedule within four hours of the flight time. We will also connect with you through other communication modes that you have provided at the time of making a booking, but if you haven’t received any call from us consider the email as the final notice.

For the changes happening within four hours, tickets will remain non-refundable. Some tickets may not be refundable even if the change is occurring after more than 4 hours. We are not answerable for any flight that is missed, canceled, or not connecting because of the schedule changes by the airline.

Departure date

If any user is already at the airport and now there is a change in flight schedule, then talk to the airline agent at the airline’s counter. Options may be limited due to severe weather conditions. Weather of the connecting city and your destination city may be different from that of the departure city, so keep yourself updated with the flight schedule, airport condition, and weather. It is the best idea to stay in touch with the airline on the day of departure to avoid such conditions.

Customer notification

Whenever we receive an update from the airline about the schedule change, we will send at least three emails and call at least once to inform you about the same. If you are unable to contact the airline or TrekHops prior to your departure, you may:

  • lose the value of your ticket and possibly your travel can be postponed, and
  • miss your flight
Customer responsibilities

As a customer, you have to reconfirm your flight within 24 to 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Keep checking your email to stay connected with the flight schedules and response in a timely manner.

Services offered

Once you contact us, we will connect to the airline on your behalf and provide you the best solution possible. Sometimes, the only way to solve this is to cancel the flight and refund the money.

TrekHops will try to get the airline in question to pre-protect our user. It only depends upon the involvement of the airline in your itinerary. We will request a refund on your behalf if the airline is not able to re-protect the traveler.

If the scheduled flight gets canceled, we will contact the airline, find the other flight options, or/and discuss the refund.

Overbooked flights

When there is a situation that your flight is overbooked and the seat is not available for your confirmed booking, you should contact the airline or our customer support team for more information. Every airline has its own policy to deal with such situations.

Visa and entry requirements

TrekHops shall not be held liable for if you have not provided appropriate documents and that’s why denied transit or entrance into a country. It is strongly advised to verify your travel documents that are needed for the country through which you are entering before making a booking with the airline. If you need more details about meeting the passport, visa, and other travel requirements, please connect to the embassy/consulate you are going to visit or transit through.

Purchasing flight tickets with TrekHops does not guarantee entrance in the destination country. As a responsible user, you understand and accept that TrekHops has no right to decide a passenger’s eligibility to transit through or enter any country. If any information is given by employees of TrekHops, it must be verified by government authorities. This information does not signify responsibility on behalf of TrekHops.

General restrictions

  • Confirm your scheduled flight with the airline directly as the last-minute changes can happen. Re-confirm your flight at least 24 hours before the departure time if you are traveling on a domestic flight and 72 hours prior to departure time in case of the international flights.
  • TrekHops reserves the right to cancel the travel request to the destination that has been barred by the US government.
  • In the majority of cases, standbys and upgrades will not be allowed. These things are strictly the responsibility of the airline.
  • For the travel receipts asked for reservations made a year ago or more, the user will be charged extra towards administrative fees.
  • In most of the cases, if the traveler is availing discounted tickets, then he/she will not be eligible for accrual of frequent flyer mileage.
  • The departure tax of the passenger may be calculated at the departure time from the international destinations. These are local government taxes and are not included in the original cost of the ticket.
  • Requests for the preferred seat will be sent to the airline; however, we give no guarantee that the airline will honor your request. In case of any special requirements like “stretcher assistance” or “wheelchair,” contact the airline directly.

Human Error

If any of the TrekHops agents make a mistake during the reservation process, then we will make every effort to correct these errors there and then. We at TrekHops, are committed to providing maximum compensation of the whole service fees that we have taken for that particular booking. As a responsible user, you must inform us about the errors within 24 hours of receiving your booking. After this time limit, TrekHops shall not be held liable for these mistakes.

Re-confirmation of journey

After the confirmation of the reservation, it is the user’s responsibility to review all the details like routing, the number of passengers, dates, names, flight numbers, etc. to re-confirm it. If there are any discrepancies in your itinerary, contact the customer support team of TrekHops within four hours from the completion of the reservation.

If you can’t contact us within four hours of completing the booking, your reservation will be considered as acceptable and we are not responsible for any discrepancy thereafter. It is highly suggested to review your itinerary thoroughly and save it.

Unaccompanied minor policy

To know all the details about restrictions, requirements, and the applicable fees of an unaccompanied minor, the user must go through the policies and regulations of the particular airlines as these are different for different airlines. The age of unaccompanied minors may vary from airline to airline.

In a specific case, some airlines-

  • May only allow unaccompanied minors to fly on non-stop flights.
  • May not allow unaccompanied minors to fly without an adult.
  • May charge extra fees during check-in.

If two or more unaccompanied minors are flying together, then the one who is under 18 years, does not qualify as an adult.

Hazardous materials

Federal law prohibits passengers from bringing unsafe materials in the baggage and on the flight. Any infringement of the law may result in penalties of $250,000 or more and imprisonment for five years. Hazardous materials include flammable solids & liquids, explosives, radioactive materials, corrosives, poisons, oxidizers, and compressed gases. Examples of these materials include fireworks, oxygen bottles, tear gases, radiopharmaceuticals, lighter fluid, and paints.

Exception to the transportation of hazardous material

There are some exceptions to unsafe material that you can bring with you on the flight like toilet articles and medicinal in small quantities. The user can also carry certain smoking materials also. Contact the airline agent to get detailed information on these exceptions.

Aircraft disinfection

Some destinations require the flight to treat cabins with insecticides before the departure of flight or apply an aerosol insecticide if the cabin is occupied with travelers.

Terms and conditions regarding hotel reservations

Keep in mind that the information and pictures of the hotels posted on our site are provided by the supplier only. Therefore, TrekHops shall not be held responsible for any changes made by suppliers. Special facilities and amenities like non-smoking rooms or bedding can be requested, but it is not guaranteed unless the hotel approves it. There is no guarantee that TrekHops or hotels will entertain your requests.

In the event of certain rates that include specific requirements like AAA, AARP membership, or Corporate, the user will need to show the identification evidence during the check-in procedure to verify that he/she is eligible for the special rates. If the user fails to qualify for this, then hotel properties are not bound to entertain these rates. To find out the pricing and availability of Airport Shuttle, connect to the hotel before check-in.

All types of bonuses offered by hotels such as free tours, breakfast, etc. are subject to change and availability. These things are totally in control of the hotel and not TrekHops.

Please note that no refund will be provided for the unused rooms at night owing to the early departures.

Pre-paid booking

Pre-paid bookings only involve Full Base Amount-room only. The charges for this will be deducted from your credit card during the reservation process. Fees for some other services will be charged on a daily basis like cleaning fees, energy surcharge, and resort fees. The user will have to pay incidental charges also like a wet bar, games, meals, phone calls, movies, and parking. Prices are guaranteed at the time of bookings only.

Vouchers for prepaid reservations

Some hotels require a voucher at the time of check-in. TrekHops will deliver the voucher at your email address and you are suggested to keep a copy of this confirmation mail during check-in.

Book now and pay later reservations

Book now and pay later bookings will use details of your credit card to hold your reservation until you arrive for the check-in process. We advise you to confirm your hold reservation directly with the hotel, but not earlier than 2 hours before the check-in.  In non-prepaid hotels, the user will have to deposit the full amount of his/her stay. These prices are non-refundable and do not allow any changes.

Policies on hotel cancelations, changes, and refunds
  • Call the customer service number of TrekHops to make any cancelations and changes to the hotel.
  • Changes in dates, reduction in rooms, and other amendments are subject to the charges based on the policy of the hotel.
  • Changes or cancelation of the bookings may be subject to the cancelation charges of TrekHops or the selected hotel.
  • No refund will be provided for the unused rooms at night owing to the early departures.
  • For special events and peak seasonal dates, hotels may change its cancelation policies.
  • In the event of the extended stays, the customer will have to make a new booking as the original fare of the room is not guaranteed.
  • Refund against early departures, no-shows, cancelations are at the sole discretion of TrekHops and the hotel supplier.
  • We have the right to be compensated by you in full for all expenses, charges, costs, damages, and losses incurred by us, resulting from cancelation due to any reason.


Pet Policies

You are highly suggested to get in touch with the hotel to confirm whether they accept pets or not. TrekHops has no responsibility for the pet policy of the individual hotel.

Meal Plan

Meal Plan is a dining arrangement that you select for the stay in a hotel. For example, you have the option to choose the apartment that offers the cooking facility, which lets you cook as per your convenience. Various meal options available are-

  • All-Inclusive (AI)
  • Half Board (HB)
  • Full Board (FB)
  • Self-Catering (SC)
  • Bed and Breakfast (BB)
  • Room Only (RO)
Hotel confirmation

It may take 24 hours to give the confirmation number to the user. When you book a hotel at TrekHops, you will receive an email from us informing you that we have accepted your request and your stay is confirmed. If you haven’t received any email, reach out to us. Re-confirm the hotel booking 24 hours before the check-in.

In some of the events, hotels are unable to receive the guest’s name before 72 hours of the departure, but if you have received a confirmation email, your booking is guaranteed. To confirm your details, contact the hotel properties within three days of your arrival.

No-show policy

If the user is not going to show up at the hotel, he/she needs to contact the hotel directly. Depending upon the hotel restrictions, you will be charged with a fee or you may have to give up your entire deposit amount.

Fees, taxes, and payment

The price that will be deducted from your debit or credit card during your hotel stay will include fees and tax. These charges will include all the tax regards to your booking like excise tax, occupancy tax, value-added tax, sales and use tax, room tax, and other similar taxes. In some locations, the user may have to pay service fees that are imposed by the government and some other fees that the hotel collects as per its law.

  • Please note that the taxes you pay to the hotel with regards to your booking may be different from the amount we calculated. As compensation for our services, we keep the balance of the charge for fees and taxes.
  • The charge for fees and taxes varies depending upon certain factors like the hotel where you will stay, the amount you pay to the hotel, and the amount of profit we retain.

For new bookings, the user will have to pay the booking service fee to TrekHops, which is $32 per night, per room. In case of any changes, refunds, or cancelations in the hotel booking, we will charge a service fee of $25 per room, per night in addition to the penalty fees of the supplier.

Please note that we are not vendors who collect taxes; the hotel suppliers are vendors. They add all the applicable fees and taxes in the billing amount and the user pays such amount directly to them. We are not even co-vendors; we are associated with vendors with which you book or reserve travel services. Tax rates and their type vary based on the location.

We charge taxes and fees on transactions for hotels that are situated within certain jurisdictions and keep the same as a compensation for the services offered by us.

No refund will be given for Canadian GST to users who are booking a Canadian hotel stays.

Currency conversions will be done on the basis of the estimated exchange rate at the time of booking and should be taken as a guide only. These rates comprise measured base room charges.

Source of Inventory

For sourcing the inventory, TrekHops has a partnership with various third-party vendors so that we can provide a wide selection of accommodations or hotels. Some of these dealers have their own rules and regulations that may apply to your reservation.

Terms and conditions for car bookings

  • There is a service fee on all car rentals, which is up to $25. This fee is non-refundable and will be charged at the time of reservation. If the user has bought a car rental insurance, it will be billed at the time of the reservation.
  • The car rental bookings can’t be transferred from one person to another.
  • Extra service fees and taxes may be charged by the car rental agency at the time of pick-up. Before availing the service, check the fees and car rental details.
  • Renters who are unable to meet the minimum age requirement will not be rented a car.
  • The customer is solely responsible for all the payment of the car rentals, surcharges, fees, and taxes that are taken at the time of drop-off.
  • Any cancelations or changes in car rentals are subject to the extra fees by the supplier of TrekHops.
  • Any additional equipment like a navigation system, child safety seats, etc. should be requested in advance, but they are not guaranteed.
  • While availing service of car rental, a credit card, and a valid driver’s license is required. If the language in the driver’s license is not English and the rental is in the US, an International Driver’s Permit will be required. Commercial Driver’s License is required for renting a full-size van.

Weekly rates signify a 5-7 days booking period, and daily rates signify a 24-hour booking period. Hence, for cars that are returned on a different location, date, or time from the initial booking, you will be charged with an additional fee.

Criteria for drivers

The drivers must-

  • Show a credit card in his/her name
  • Have a good driving record
  • Own a valid driver’s license
  • Meet the minimum eligibility criteria of age
Policies for the payment of fees and taxes
  • Please keep in your notice that car rental booking fees of TrekHops are non-refundable.
  • For any changes or cancelations of booking, you will have to pay a service fee of $10 to us.
  • There are extra restrictions for local residents. It is recommended to the car rental company or TrekHops to verify.
  • Some car rental companies do not consider debit cards as a valid payment method. In that case, car rental will be denied.
  • Misrepresenting any information can cause damage or loss to the company's liability and you will be held responsible for that.
  • Email us or contact the supplier to know the limitations of using a debit card.

Terms and conditions for vacation packages

TrekHops reserves all the rights to make any changes to the rules and regulations of vacation packages at any time without any notice.

  • Full payment indicates the final acceptance of the terms and conditions of vacation packages.
  • All the fares are displayed in United State Dollars (USD).
  • All vacation packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • At the time of reservation, the credit card of the user will be charged for the full amount of your TrekHops vacation package.
  • If we make any modifications to the rules and regulations of vacation packages, the updates will go into effect on the date it posted on our site. The modified terms and conditions shall take precedence over the formerly posted rules and regulations to any individual product involved in the vacation package.
  • No part of the vacation package is guaranteed until we receive the payment for the full vacation package.

Important Documents, Rules & Other Requirements

As a traveler, it is your sole responsibility to produce all essential documents that are required at the time of travel.

  • For international travel, you must have to bring government-issued id proof along with the passport (proof of citizenship). You might have to bring transit visas fro some destinations.
  • Travelers are not eligible for refunds if the airport authority has denied their boarding due to incomplete or improper travel documents.
  • In addition to this, the unused portion of the vacation package is not eligible for a refund.
  • No name change is acceptable
  • Once the booking has been done, no addition or removal of an individual traveler is allowed to and from the vacation package.
  • The reservations are completely non-transferable and you cannot make any change in the source and destination after a successful booking.
Cancelation by Travel Suppliers

The user must know the fact that every portion of the TrekHops vacation package is offered by different travel suppliers and if one traveler supplier cancels a part of your vacation package, then we try to look for an alternative. However, we are not responsible for this situation and we shall not be accountable for the reimbursement of the money paid by you. We hold no responsibility for the information provided to us by the travel suppliers or any third-party.

Also, if you make any special request, then we will try our best to fulfill the same but we offer no guarantee for the same.

Prices. Fees/ Taxes, and Payment
  • We will charge a service fee of $50 per passenger for the new flight booking and $35 per room per night for the hotel booking and up to $25 for new car rental bookings.
  • The price and availability are not applicable to the single portion of the vacation package rather it applies on the complete vacation package. We, due to the contractual requirements, are unable to offer the breakdown of the price of each part of the vacation package booking.
  • The user can make the complete payment through the valid credit card at the time of booking, we only accept those credit cards which are having the verified US or Canadian billing address.
  • The price of the vacation package doesn’t comprise liability insurance, personal effect protection, damage waivers, hotel’s incidental room charges, drop-off fees, gas sky racks, and other service charges. You have to pay the same at the time of check-in at the counter or at the car rental pick-up location.
  • All prices of accommodation, flights, and car rentals are all-inclusive of taxes and fees; however, additional charges like fuel cost, seat reservation fee, extra baggage allowance, hotel incidentals, and other service charges will be paid by you. If you have any queries regarding these charges, then you should directly connect with the travel supplier.
  • The user agrees to the fact that we and our authorized travel suppliers are eligible to charge the credit card you have offered to us for the amount of the vacation package.
  • Some travel suppliers will not accept the debit cards so, you are suggested to check such guidelines before making the bookings.
  • You will have to offer the valid credit card details to the end travel suppliers that must be displayed at the hotel check-in counter or the car rental company’s pick-up location. This is just for providing the confirmation of authorized card usage or for securing additional charges as applicable.
Guidelines for Vacation Package Changes, Cancelation, and Refunds
  • Before making any changes to the TrekHops Vacation Package for terminating the bookings, you are suggested to connect with us before departure and not the individual travel supplier. The user can visit our Contact us page for more information.
  • Once you have booked the vacation package, all portions of the same are not entitled to the refund. You can only terminate the package according to the cancelation policy of each and every travel product component.
  • After the successful completion of the vacation package booking, you are not allowed to add or delete the individual passenger to or from the package. Also, the travelers mentioned on the single booking will have to travel on the same itinerary.
  • Only you shall be held responsible for all or any cancelation fee charged by the TrekHops and the individual travel supplier for flight tickets, accommodation booking, car rentals, or any other travel product and service.
  • There are certain travel suppliers who will not allow you to modify a single portion of the vacation package. In such cases, you need to make amendments in all parts of the vacation package such as flight, hotel, and car rental. For more information about the same, you can connect with our representative.
  • The user cannot make any changes once the trip has begun. Moreover, you are not entitled to any refund for the unused portion of the vacation package or if you do early check-outs.
  • We will charge a service fee of $25 for making changes or cancelations in the vacation package. This fee will up to $100 for a per ticket per passenger for flights, $25 per room on per night basis including the amount of fare difference for accommodation, if any, and $10 for car rentals and any other fee by the travel suppliers

Cancellation & Refunds

If your vacation package will be eligible for a refund, then you will get the refunded amount only after subtracting the cancelation charges. You will get nothing for the partial or unused portion of the vacation package.

Airline Component Policies

There are certain Terms and Conditions that are applicable to your airline tickets:

  • Usually, airline tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Modifications in the flight tickets are limited and subject to the availability accessed by the end travel suppliers.
  • No change in the source and destination cities are permitted for any vacation package offered by TrekHops.
  • You cannot change the total number of travelers in the vacation package.
Hotel Component Guidelines

These guidelines comprise certain restrictions and rules that are applicable to the Hotel Booking.

  • You are not allowed to make any changes to the hotel properties; however, amendments in the room category are allowed in certain cases. You can call our customer service team to inquire about such things.
  • Some hotels will not allow you to cancel your booking after its confirmation and in such cases, you will not get any refund if you terminate your booking once confirming the same. To avoid any hassle, you are advised to go through the cancelation policy of the hotels before making reservations.
  • You are entirely responsible for the incidental charges incurred by you in the hotel such as internet access fees, telephone access, energy surcharges, parking fee, resort fee, room charges, and other identical services that you avail during your stay.
Car Rental Component Policies

These rules and restrictions are applicable to car rental bookings.

  • You cannot demote the car categories that are already booked.
  • You will not get any refund for the unused car rentals.
  • Additional charges like fuel plan, child’s safety seats, optional collision damage, airport taxes and fees, GPS, overtime and drop-off charges, personal injury, and other optional items are subject to the direct payment that will be made by you to the car rental company.
Activity Component Guidelines

These guidelines are applicable to your activities booking.

  • We are neither your agent nor the agent of the end travel supplier.
  • We are here to make travel arrangements with third-party suppliers for tour and package services as well as for accommodations, including flight tickets, lodging, and car rentals.
  • By using our website, you are refrained from enforcing any claims against us and our affiliates, subsidiaries, and any such party’s officers, managers, directors, and employees.

You will have to accept the fact that neither we nor our affiliates, subsidiaries and offers, agents, contractors, and employees shall be held accountable for:

  • Termination of service, missed connecting flight, delayed departure, amendment in fares, and substitutions of accommodations.
  • Booking or canceling the flight tickets more than once which is beyond our control.
  • Lack of enjoyment, any kind of inconvenience, mental distress or any identical situation.
  • Any claim associated with your airline or any other service provider or other features in the connection with your itinerary. The only remedy is to contact the end travel supplier to fix your issue and not TrekHops.
  • Loss or damage to the property or injury to the person occurred due to the negligence or any unlawful act of the end travel supplier.

We suggest you purchase the travel protection that might help in recovering cancelation fees and certain changes. You can buy travel protection by adding the same to the TrekHops vacation package from our trip protection provider. However, the trip protection is subject to the limitations and to know more about the same, you can go through the Travel Protection Terms and Conditions. To make any changes in your travel protection plan, connect with the trip protection provider to know whether your policy coverage is adequate or not to make changes in your travel plans.


We will send important documents and confirmation via email on record.

Policy for Submissions, Reviews, Comments, and Feedback

If you are a registered TrekHops account member, then we welcome your comments and would love to see your feedback on the travel products and services offered by the end travel suppliers and review of the services provided by us. However, there are certain conditions that you need to follow.

  • We have the right to check out your submissions or any other information that is received or communicated through our website.
  • Be it the whole submission or the part of it, you will have to grant us permission to use the same. That submissions include but not limited to registration with TrekHops and posting the information on the site or on the social media handle like hotel reviews, suggestions, ideas, comments, like, or any such thing.

In addition to this, you will have to grant TrekHops, and its collaborators, affiliates, and associated suppliers a royalty-free, transmittable, worldwide, irreversible, never-ending, non-exclusive and fully sublicensable right to:

  • Use, translate, amend, copy, adapt, publish, reproduce, and publicly display and perform such submissions throughout the world in any media.
  • We can also use the name, graphics, and any likeness that you have posted with regard to such submissions. The user also accepts the fact that TrekHops may offer attribution of their reviews or feedback and such submissions might be shared with our end suppliers as well.
  • We are not all responsible for any submission posted by the user. Also, you agree to the fact that your submissions are non-confidential and non-proprietary.
  • TrekHops holds the right to pursue at law any person or entity that breaches Terms and Conditions and disrupts your or our right in the submissions.
  • We have the right to access which comment is posted on the site. You are suggested not to provide us with any submission if you don’t agree with these Terms and Conditions.

Only you shall be accountable for the content of your submissions and your such submission or feed on our site or on the social media platform indicates that:

  • You take responsibility for the content published by you.
  • You agree to the fact that TrekHops has the right to use your submissions
  • You are a potential service user
  • Only you are responsible for the loss or damage that can be caused by infringing copyright, trademark, and any other proprietary right of others owing to your use of the website or due to your posted content.
  • If we use your posted submission, then it will in no way violate the rights of any third-party or any intellectual property right.
The user is restricted from publishing or transmitting to or from the website
  • You are strictly not allowed to post any commercial document or content like the demand for funds, advertising, and marketing of services.
  • The user is strictly not allowed to post or publish any threatening, unlawful, defamatory, pornographic, inflammatory, profane, or obscene material on our website. Also, you are not allowed to encourage the activities that further results in the criminal offense or attempt to commit the criminal or unlawful act or violate the law, or give rise to civil liability.
  • Any content that misguides or violates the copyright or trademark of our affiliates or any other third-party. Only you will be responsible for any damage that is caused due to your submission of content.

TrekHops has the right to submit any of your content without your permission or without paying you anything.

Other Terms and Conditions

Copyright & Trademark Notice

We own the copyright of the entire content posted on this website and, therefore, anyone using this website may only view or print the content for the information purpose only. This content and material are available for non-commercial use only and must include this copyright notice.

No Waiver

If TrekHops is unable to execute any part of the Terms and Conditions, then it will no way waive off any of our rights under these Terms and Conditions. Noting can affect our rights mentioned under this T&C section, neither the dependence of any person nor the receipts of any funds.

Right to Send Communications

If you browse our website or make a booking with us, then you are giving us the authority to send important messages and updates in the form of email, phone call, instant message, or any other form of paper or electronic communication. This communication is just a part of customer service ad may comprise promotional deals and offers.

Termination & Data Scraping

TrekHops has the right to terminate your access to all or any part of the website with or without any prior notice and for reason or for no reason. If the user abuses this website screen scraping, data scraping, and numerous scans, then we will immediately dismiss your access to the website.


These Terms and conditions are severable and if any provision is found to be enforceable or invalid, then it will be imposed to the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law. Also, such determination will in no way affect the validity and enforceability of other remaining provisions.

No Relationship

Whatever mentioned in the Terms and Conditions will in no way create any partnership or joint venture between TrekHops and any third-party hereto based on the use of the website by you or making any travel reservations. By virtue of these Terms and Conditions, neither we nor the user is authorized as a representative, agent, or employee of any other party. No third-party has the right to bind any other party. 

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