May 31, 2024

The US in December can be a little chilly, but don’t worry; there are many places where you can find warmth. Miami Beach, Florida, is the place to go for some sunshine and nightlife. Alternatively, Arizona’s Phoenix and Nevada’s Las Vegas have moderate winter temperatures as well as desert outdoor activities if you are feeling adventurous. You cannot visit California without going to Los Angeles for its beaches and culture to explore. Hawaii’s Maui, too, with its lush greenery and tempting waters.

These US hotspots will offer you just what you need, whether you want to sunbathe or explore nature. They make for ideal getaways from the cold of winter.

Top warm places to visit in December

Honolulu, Hawaii

Average temperature during December:  78.8 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Honolulu, Hawaii, is like heaven on earth. There is so much to do and see in this place. Waikiki Beach has golden sands, or climb up Diamond Head for a spectacular view. Trust us; the history of Iolani Palace and Pearl Harbor is mind-blowing.

Don’t fail to try local foods such as poke bowls, shaved ice, and kalua pig, among others. Still remember that traditional luaus is where you can fully experience Hawaiian culture. Do not miss out on Honolulu’s vegetarian food scene! Fresh poke bowls, sumptuous tropical fruit smoothies, creamy coconut-based curries, and taro-root dishes- name it, they got it! And yes, there are plenty of vegan options! No doubt! Your taste buds won’t be able to thank you enough for this!

Getting here is easy with direct flights from major cities all over the world, landing at Honolulu International Airport. Once you’ve arrived, it’s easy to get a rental car or public transportation.

But wait a minute! This awesome Festival of Lights takes place there every December and transforms the downtown area into something of another color, a full kaleidoscope-like spectacle in lightscape. You do have parades, live shows, and this incredible presentation known as Honolulu City Lights that will simply leave you speechless.

Whenever you go to Honolulu, there will always be something for all visitors. The beaches are insane, the culture is very deep-rooted, and the vibe, oh my God! I’m telling you, coming here is totally worth it. It’s the place.

Phoenix, Arizona

Average high temperature during December: 66.02 Degrees Fahrenheit

Phoenix, Arizona‘s desert, has a lot to offer, and it is really cool. If you’re interested in plants, visit the Desert Botanical Garden to see all kinds of desert flowers and plants from different places on Earth. And if hiking is your thing, Camelback Mountain offers breathtaking views. Go to the Heard Museum if you want to experience local indigenous culture.

For instance, Green New American Vegetarian Restaurant offers a variety of vegetarian options in Phoenix, such as burritos or Southwestern salads. Yummy!

It’s easy to get there because there’s an international airport and major highways connecting Phoenix with everywhere else. Once you’re there, make sure you rent a car so that you can explore the city more efficiently and all the cool stuff around it.

Las Luminarias Nights in December is an event that is too mesmerizing to miss at the Desert Botanical Garden. It’s magic! When thousands of candles are lit up in the desert, it gives a cozy and warm glow. It’s the best way to kick-start your festive mood.

So come down to Phoenix and get a taste of its friendly vibes and rich culture!

San Antonio, Texas

Average temperature in December: 64.43 Degrees Fahrenheit

San Antonio, Texas, is really awesome with its mix of history, culture, and other modern things to see and do. Take a look at the Alamo, which is famous for its role during Texan Independence. You can also take a walk through the River Walk, which contains numerous shops and restaurants on the waterside. The vibrant Market Square is where you can breathe in Mexican culture; every corner has colorful stalls and vendors selling tasty food.

Do vegetarians have options? Have no worries! San Antonio boasts lots of places for vegans, like healthy salads, delicious vegetable tacos, or bean-based cheesy dishes prepared using traditional Tex-Mex recipes. Anywhere, you will find so many eateries regardless of what sort of atmosphere appeals to you most.

San Antonio is easy to get to, with a major airport nearby and highways leading right into downtown areas. Once there, public transport or ridesharing can be very useful.

In December, they put on this amazing event called the “Ford Holiday River Parade and Lighting Ceremony.” It’s kind of more like a parade, but all the floats are lit up, and they float down the River Walk instead. This is super cool because it makes everything seem magical.

San Antonio has quite some history behind it. Enjoy your favorite foods while attending fun events, making it one of the best places to experience the Texas lifestyle fully. So pack your bags now!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Average Temperature for December: 64.04 Degrees Fahrenheit

New Orleans, Louisiana, is an exciting city with a lot of character. It has that feel that makes you want to dance and enjoy life. The French Quarter is the center of the city, with its colorful buildings and streets full of people who just want to have fun. You must see Jackson Square or Bourbon Street.

Don’t worry if you’re vegetarian—New Orleans has something for you, too! Some tasty vegetable choices include po’boys, gumbo, and jambalaya, which will make your taste buds jump over the moon. You can try out spots like Seed and The Green Goddess.

It’s easy to reach New Orleans since there is an international airport and train or bus services that quickly get you there. Once you’re in New Orleans, streetcars, buses, and rideshare options are all available for convenient transportation around the city.

But if you happen to visit in December, don’t miss Celebration in the Oaks. This is the festival of lights, and wow, does it look great! City Park turns into a winter wonderland with lights everywhere, carnival rides, and holiday fun for children of all ages. It’s an ideal way to get into the Christmas spirit in New Orleans.

Orlando, Florida

The December average temperature is 73.04 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Orlando, a city in Florida, is full of amusement parks and bright sunlight, and it is always lively. One can be lost in Disney World’s magic, discover what Universe Studios has for visitors, or meet sea world animals at Sea World Orlando. Nevertheless, this city has more than these famous places do. Also, you can go boating on Lake Eola or hike through the beautiful trails at Wekiwa Springs State Park.

Vegetarians and vegans have a number of options throughout the area. Restaurants such as Ethos Vegan Kitchen and Dandelion Community Cafe offer vegan food, including salads and creative veggie burgers.

Traveling to Orlando has been made quite easy, as it has an international airport and major highways leading to almost anywhere one wishes to go. Amtrak and Greyhound bus services also take you into the city by train or bus.

However, things become particularly magical in Orlando during the holidays. For one month every year, the Epcot International Festival of Holidays turns Orlando into a winter wonderland, featuring all manner of holiday festivities, including tasty treats and glimmering lights everywhere you look. It is an ideal time to visit this enchanting place.


December is full of cozy destinations across America that will definitely get rid of your winter blues. Suppose you feel like having some warmth and sunshine, especially during this cold season.

Remember, every trip you undertake is special. On coming back home you will feel fresh and would want to start celebrating Christmas immediately.


1. Which area in USA is tourists preferred destination during December to avoid freezing winter season?

If December is defined by its winter chill, then it’s high time to visit Miami, Florida, or Honolulu, Hawaii. These locations have suitable climates, standard beach break destinations, and adequate sunshine for enjoying.

Well, what National Parks can one visit in December in the USA?

Yes, they are breathtaking sites: one can choose the Grand Canyon in Arizona or Zion National Park in Utah. These parks are slightly less busy during the end of the year and the local scenery is quite beautiful during winter and might be ideal places to capture unforgettable shots.

What are beautiful places in the USA that can be visited along with children in December?

Florida is a great family holiday destination, especially if the beach isn’t exactly their type of vacation, and there are Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando. Another beautiful city is Nashville, Tennessee, to holiday events, lighting, and family-friendly fun.