December 28, 2023

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An itinerary is an important part of a vacation plan, regardless of whether you are heading to explore a domestic place or an international destination. Vacation should be well-stuffed with the amazing destinations that act as a power pack for refreshing your soul.

Places to visit in Colorado can’t refrain from being acclaimed by people all around the world. Encircled with charming landscapes, exalted mountains, verdant greenery, and many other scenic gifts, Colorado draws the attention of thousands of visitors from all around the world.

Colorado invites and hosts millions of tourists every year to have fun and explore the beauty of this hidden gem. Based on your convenience and preference, you can seamlessly plan a self-tour (full day or half-day), try hands at sports, or relax and admire the beauty of the place.

Colorado: Getting a surface idea of it

Inhabited by the Native Americans and their predecessors, Colorado states in the Western United States. The state is enveloped with majestic mountains and is casually also known as the “Mountain State.” It is called so as around half of the total area is blanketed with the Rocky Mountains.

Along with jaw-dropping scenic beauty and compelling Places to visit in Colorado, the city is popular for a couple of the activities that the visitors can enjoy. Some of the activities you will enjoy participating in are hiking trails, skiing, etc.

Stupendous places you can add to your bucket list…

Undoubtedly, there is no dearth of Places to visit in Colorado that refresh your soul and relax your mind. After all, we plan vacations to seek peace of mind, and whether you admit it or not, we all want a break from our regular work schedule.

Even a workaholic person at certain point of time need a break from their busy schedule. So, we are here with this descriptive read to introduce you to some of the fascinating places in Colorado.

So, are you ready to commence on the exciting tour of Colorado?

Amazing!! Let’s start exploring the Hidden gems in Colorado.

  1. Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP): Giving the reason behind its nickname

Visiting the “Mountain State” and leaving without checking the “Rocky Mountain National Park” is something indigestible.

Yeah! Known for its rocky mountains and getting its nickname from there, this national park captivates the visitors. Spread over an area of 2 65,000 acres, RMNP is enveloped with majestic mountains ranging from 7,500 feet – to 12,000 feet.

This breath taking tourist site holds a wide variety of flora and fauna, and with this, it is one of the most liked Places to visit in Colorado. Moreover, don’t skip to traverse some of the highly liked hiking destinations such as Bear Lake and Lily Lake.

2. Garden of Gods: Admire the Unrealistic beauty

Got this name from the inexplicable beauty that it holds; this place has also been an inspiration behind composing the song “America the Beautiful.” Spot the orange-coloured rock mountains here and a quick drive up to the peak pikes if you really want to encounter the beauty of this place.

If you are about to add this destination to your itinerary, then take a short drive to Manitou Springs, a charming town encompassed by mountains. Another attractive site that you should visit is the “Kissing Camels” formation. Moreover, the suitable time to visit this place starts in May and ends in October.

A couple of must-try activities here include Rock Climbing and Horseback Riding.

  1. Breckenridge: An endearing town amidst the Rocks

Covered with the Rocky Mountains all around, Colorado is known for its scenic beauty and fun activities. Making its position consecutively among the top Places to visit in Colorado, Breckenridge leaves no reason for not visiting this town. It’s a charming town nestled in the heart of the rocky formations that offer visitors a handful of thrilling activities.

Well, this pleasant town is not untouched by the haunted stories and spots.

Known as best spot in terms of Outdoor activities in Colorado, you can try out having fun with the following:

  • Rafting
  • Ziplining
  • Fly-Fishing
  • Biking and others
  1. Telluride: A town persuading the writers

There are a couple of controversies behind the name of this town, which persuades the writers to mark their attention at one of the bestplaces to visit in Colorado. Some say that the town is named after a non-metallic element, “Tellurium,” while some say this name is a simple way of saying “To Hell You Ride.” The latter conception is justified on the ground that the town is stuffed with dangerous Ski Slopes and encounters a rowdy atmosphere.

Around a drive of 5-6 hours away from Denver, one of the highly populated cities of Colorado, this town embraces the history of colourful mining and scenic landscapes that never fail to tempt people from all around the globe.

  1. Steamboat Springs: An Eden for Adventure junkies & Naturalists

Steamboat Springs can unhesitatingly be addressed as the “jewel in the crown,” and this is for a reason. Irrespective of the season you are visiting this place, it has something for everyone. Comforting the visitors throughout the year, this place gained popularity for its “Hot Springs.”

Right from capturing the panoramic views, you can also enjoy Outdoor activities in Colorado. Covering around 3,000 skiable acres and a core destination for shredding powder, it is also recognized as Ski Town, U.S.A. A couple of activities that you can enjoy having fun include:

  • Fishing and Camping (during summers)
  • Snowshoeing and Snowmobiling (during winters)
  1. Glenwood Springs: Get bathed in the Hot Springs

Made its identity by encountering charming hot springs, Glenwood Springs city always stays within the list of stunning Places to Visit in Colorado. Suitable for every type of vacation, i.e., a family vacation or a tour with your friends, Glenwood Springs offers several thrilling outdoor activities in addition to being a bliss to your eyes. Some of the amazing outdoor activities that you can enjoy include Paragliding and Rafting.

  1. Durango: A Power Pack for Daredevil

A Vibrant, picturesque town with a little of everything. Situated in Southern Colorado, Durango makes visitors awe-inspiring with its panoramic view, allowing them to seize the beauty of the sky meeting the desert.

Carrying a variety of restaurants, rich art galleries, shops, and other exquisite infrastructures, this town is an interesting place for history buffs as well. Moreover, you can even record the spectacular beauty of San Juan National Forest.

  1. Crested Butte: The last known Ski town

Another one from the list of best Places to Visit in Colorado throughout the year is the Crested Butte, which got recognition as the last great Ski town of Colorado. Having an abundance of wildflowers makes it popular all around the world by the name “Wildflower Capital of Colorado.”

To celebrate the blooms, a 10-day festival is hosted annually, and if you want to participate in that festival, then plan a vacation in July. The exigent ski slopes lure the skiers and snowboarders. While roaming around this pedestrian-friendly town, you’ll discover some historical monuments, amazing restaurants, and an alluring town view.

  1. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park: The last of the Hidden Gems in Colorado

Being a perfect attraction site around the clock, this place is known for preserving the deepest canyons in North America. This tourist site has two major areas that look closer on the map, but in reality, they are poles apart. One is the South Rim, which is easy to access, while the other one is the North Rim, which asks visitors to input some of their efforts as no bridge links both of them.

  1. Buena Vista: Giving a perfect blend of adventurous activities and a panoramic view

Addressed as one of the best spots for experiencing Outdoor activities in Colorado, Buena Vista is also a perfect place where you can relax your back and get bathed in the hot springs. The adventure junkies can try their hands in some of the thrilling activities, say, off-road rafting, white-water rafting, biking, Hiking, and others. If you want to walk around the scenic beauty of this place to make your vacation indelible, then take a seamless and short drive to Collegiate Peaks Scenic, Historic Byway, and nearby areas.

Another perk that this place holds is that one can indulge in adventurous activities throughout the year.

  1. Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve: Experience eccentric vibes

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, resting against the Sand De Cristo Mountains, steals the eyes of visitors not only through the daytime but is one of the prime locations on their bucket list. During the daylight, one can descend through the sand dunes doing a couple of adventurous activities and can stargaze at the shining stars during the night-time.

If you want to experience Hiking, Fat Biking, Horseback, and other Outdoor activities in Colorado, then this is the perfect spot to try your hand at adventurous activities.

  1. Dinosaur National Monument: Get the vibe of getting back in the era of Dinosaurs

Since your birth, you have only heard and read of the Dinosaurs; or, might have descry their remains at a museum or so.

We all are well-aware of the fact that Dinosaurs are not endangered but have now gone extinct. Right?

Yes! That’s pretty true, but a couple of people are curious about Dino’s, most specifically the kids. This monument has exceptionally preserved the remains of the Dinosaurs embedded in the rocks, providing evidence of the existence of the dinosaurs. Moreover, it also showcases the art carved by the humans of that era.

If you are fond of outdoor activities, then don’t miss a chance to experience a couple of the best Outdoor activities in Colorado, such as Rafting, Camping, and Hiking.

  1. Boulder: A suburb of Denver

Somewhere stuck in the 60’s mindset, Boulder is a delightful college town. Incorporated with the seamless and close proximity to Denver, one can also easily embrace the beauty of the elevated mountains. If you are a foodie or an aesthetes, then walk down the lanes of Pearl Street Mall. You’ll be amazed by the art galleries and eatables. Unique boutiques will add an amazing layer to your visit by adding a fabulous collection to your wardrobe. Lastly, it’s the prime destination of the Gondola lovers.

  1. Denver: A place with unparalleled attractions

Connecting visitors with many other amazing destinations, Denver owned the title of being the capital of Colorado. The city is admired as the cultural hub and is also recognized as the trendiest city. Providing tourists with a string of exciting activities to add fun to your vacation and alluring destinations, this place lies in close proximity to the Rocky Mountains. While strolling through the city’s museums, you will get a chance to have a glimpse of its culture, art, and cuisine.

Another salient attributes defining the Denver is that it is a highly populous city in Colorado.

  1. Mesa Verde National Park: Embracing tons of archaeological sites

If you are an archaeologist or a history buff, then you might already know of this Hidden gem of Colorado. In case you haven’t heard of this historic site, then it is a must-see place for you. Once acted as a shelter to the Ancestral Pueblo individuals, this place is known for safeguarding around 5,000 American archeologically sites (inclusive of 600 cliff dwellings).

Add spooky fun to your trip…

If you claim to be a daring person, then one quite strange way of adding thrill to your Colorado vacation plan is to step into the haunted houses.

Sounds quite mysterious, but it’s goanna be fun if you are a fan of horror stories or haunted places.

Full of mysteries, untold stories, secrets, and a lot more behind the scenes, Colorado has made a name in horror spots apart from compelling visitors to wander dozens of the startling Places to Visit in Colorado.

Stanley Hotel: Trapped with the several spirits

This is one of the most haunted places. As per the staff over there, the hotel is trapped with several evil spirits. Moreover, numerous people have encountered the presence of evil spirits, especially in the Concert Hall. People have witnessed strange laughter, echoes, footsteps, and other paranormal activities taking place in the hotel.

Museums of Colorado Prisoners: Showcasing the Prison system of the state

Now known as one of the spookiest places, this spot was once a prison. The guests visiting the spot revealed experiencing the smell of tobacco in the laundry room, the sounds of a woman coughing and crying, unlocking the doors, and many other abnormal activities taking place out there. It has been said that the woman prisoner died over there, and her spirit is still roaming in that prison.

Hotel Colorado: Once a shelter, now a ghost house!!

Once acclaimed as a hospital, this haunted place provided shelter to the wounded soldiers of World War II. It is believed that the spirits of the natives and of the ones who passed away here are haunting the place to date. The hospital has an eight-cell prison in the basement where the prisoners were kept.

Further, this building has a history of around 125 years. The haunted place is also reported with the incident of flickering lights.

Cripple Creek: Where death is far better…

This is another haunted place, adding creepy stories to the haunted events.

Who thought that surrounded by elevated mountains and verdant greenery giving a picturesque view, Cripple Creek would be a haunted place or hold a scary fact.

When you visit there, you’ll truly feel that sometimes being dead is better…, and this spooky place will make you feel that death is far better than this. The place has encountered several deadly accidents, floods, fires, and battles between the mine owners and the laborers, which justifies the reason why this place has become haunted over time.

Other haunted places include:

  • Phantom Canyon Road
  • Nicholas
  • Pisgah Cemetery
  • Central City Masonic Cemetery
  • Cheeseman Park
  • Hotel Jerome
  • Highlands Ranch Mansion
  • Molly Brown House
  • 13th Floor

These are a couple of the most bone-chilling spots that you can add to your plan if you are fond of exploring haunted destinations.

Go daring this vacation with the spooky Places to Visit in Colorado.

Finalizing the read!!

Places to Visit in Colorado are enveloped in the stupefying beauty of nature. With tons of places to visit, visitors can fill their bucket with amazing tourist destinations. You can roam on the crowded streets of Denver to get a glimpse of different cultures or check out the beauty of the magnificent mountains made up of rocks covered with lush greenery. From museums preserving several rare collections, you can enjoy trying hands at numerous outdoor adventurous activities. 

 “Descend yourself in the adulation Hidden Gems in Colorado, or add some bone-chilling experience to your vacation plan.”