May 30, 2024

Spain is a beautiful country. Its incredible blend of culture, cuisine, and landscapes will make you want to enjoy it every time. You can chill on the beaches of the Costa del Sol, hang out in the busy streets of Barcelona, or even explore its capital, Madrid. This place has so much to offer.

There are various architectural sites, but if you love architecture, then go to the Royal Palaces in Madrid and the Prado Museum.

Otherwise, head southwards towards Granada and visit Alhambra if you are adventurous enough. It’s like palaces from fairy tales! And do not forget about Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona—it is just wild!

When people return from Spain, it’s always about the food. Be sure not to miss tapas and paella there. Moreover, they are very friendly people who make you feel at ease.

So, if you’re looking for a vacation destination, Spain is a one-stop shop for all your needs.

Here is the list of the best places to visit in Spain. 

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia


To begin with, Basilica de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona makes quite an impression on anyone who sees it.

It is one of those things that make one stop at nothing but stand still to examine it more carefully. This church was designed by Antoni Gaudí, who was not without fame as an architect either; he was simply amazing!

Being a UNESCO World Heritage site itself cannot justify visiting this place because words alone cannot describe how impressive it is! On each façade, every detail has been replicated faithfully, and most of them look so much alike since they rise practically forever on top of these facades. 

Oh yes! If you ever go there, do take guided tours to get insight into the history and symbolism behind all this. It’s a very absorbing experience. And, if you dare, try to climb its towers: the sight of the city from above is simply unbeatable! It’s worth it.

Some nice restaurants are located close by and serve traditional food like butifarra (sausage) and seafood paella to people who are not vegetarians. However, there are identifications about dishes that they can have, including patatas bravas, which involves escalivada (grilled vegetables)

To get there, take metro lines L2 or L5 to Sagrada Familia station. The best time to visit is in spring (April to June) or fall (September to October) when the weather is lovely and fewer people go there.

All told, you get to see the Sagrada Familia once you’re in Barcelona. It’s beyond words, really.



In Spain, Granada has the Alhambra, an amazing palace/fortress built by the Nasrid dynasty many years ago. You must take advantage of this place because it is also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Islamic architecture, ornate carvings on the walls, and beautiful gardens, what more can one ask for?

The Nasrid Palaces contain numerous luxurious rooms, such as the Court of Lions, among other courtyards.

Don’t forget that Alcazaba is the oldest part of Alhambra, which provides stunning views of the cityscape below. Also, don’t forget the Generalife gardens, which have fountains and vegetation around them, where one can relax.

Vegetarians can feast on traditional Spanish food like Gazpacho, patatas Bravas, or Pisto, while non-vegetarians must try local specialties like jamon iberico chorizo omelet or seafood paella.

Fly into Granada Airport or catch a train/bus from Madrid or Seville—whichever is more convenient. The best time to visit is spring (April to June) or fall (September to October), when the weather is good, and there are few people.

Madrid Royal Palace

Madrid Royal Palace is amazing. It has always been the official residence of the Spanish royal family and is, therefore, a treasure trove of historical records and artifacts. The palace contains three thousand rooms or more, but only a small section is accessible to the public.

Throne Room is a very fancy place to visit. In addition, the Royal Armory will show you some olden-day medieval weapons like pikes and breastplates.

The Chapel Royale isn’t left out; it is really beautiful, though. But if you love nature and gardens, make sure to visit Sabatini Gardens or Campo del Moro. They’re absolutely stunning and perfect for taking selfies or just hanging out.

There are many restaurants around that serve vegetarian dishes like gazpacho and vegetable paella. Also for non-vegetarians there are lots of jamón ibérico and cocido madrileño on offer too. Everything’s really delicious.

To get to the Royal Palace, just ride the subway in Madrid until you reach the Opera station. So go when it’s nice, spring (April-June) or fall (Sept-Oct), as they are less crowded then, right? Anyway, now’s good because it’s always great here, we swear.

Cathedral of Seville


The Cathedral of Seville is absolutely stunning—it’s the largest Gothic cathedral in the world! Inside, you’ll find a lovely Main Altar, an intricately designed Royal Chapel, and the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Don’t forget also to climb Giralda Tower, which offers breathtaking views over Seville!

You can explore lovely courtyards near the cathedral, visit costly chapels there, or even attend service inside to experience how grand this building is. Lastly, walk over to Alcázar of Seville from here through the Santa Cruz neighborhood.

Vegetarian options include classics such as gazpacho, salmorejo, and espinacas con garbanzos (spinach and chickpea stew). If you are not a vegetarian, you can eat traditional tapas, jamón ibérico, and seafood paella. It’s very tasty!

Fly to Seville Airport and then get to the city center by taxi or public transportation. Visit Seville from April to June in spring or September to October during fall, when it is really good outside but only a few tourists.

Barcelona Cathedral


Located in the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona Cathedral is an amazing example of Gothic architecture. You will be absolutely amazed by its detailed façade as soon as you approach it on foot. The inside is even more stunning, with super high ceilings and intricate chapels all over the place.

This would be the best place to take an elevator up to the rooftop for a fantastic view of Barcelona. Don’t forget about visiting 13 white geese in the peaceful cloister.

This cathedral has so much going on! The Gothic Quarter is really quaint, plus there are tons of museums and little shops around here. And how could I miss out on food?

Vegetarians can try patatas bravas, escalivada, gazpacho; while meat lovers have jamón ibérico, seafood paella and churros con chocolate to devour. Delicious!

The cathedral is so simply accessed by metro; the nearest station to it is Jaume I.

The most appropriate season for visiting this place may be spring (April to June) or autumn (September to November) when the weather is pleasant and not crowded.

Gothic Quarters in Barcelona


Barcelona is a city where the Gothic Quarter, also known as Barri Gotic, will make you feel as though you are stepping back in time. These narrow streets and old buildings with ancient Roman Walls just scream history!

Not to mention the breathtakingly beautiful Barcelona Cathedral, the lively Plaça Reial with its many restaurants and bars, and the hidden treasure of Plaça Sant Felip Neri, which has an interesting story behind it.

There is so much to see and do here. Explore small stores, visit the Picasso Museum, and watch street performers clowning around. Vegetarians can enjoy meals such as patatas bravas, saliva, or paella at any restaurant serving vegetables. Alternatively, for meat lovers, there is Jamón Ibérico —tapas made from ham—seafood paella, or grilled meat.

It’s best to go during spring or autumn when it’s nice out and not too crowded, making it more enjoyable.


Spain: Where History, Culture, and Natural Beauty Blend Superbly Well.

One moment, you have these cool old buildings in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarters, and then Seville has these super festive feelings, while Costa Del Sol has those amazing beaches. Madrid is all about art, while Granada has the most beautiful Alhambra, and then Ibiza is this party paradise!

We have created this list of the best places to visit in Spain so that you can have a memorable trip with your loved ones.

You don’t just visit; you go on an adventure that becomes part of who you are. So come on, Spain has to offer!

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What makes Barcelona different?

This city is famous for the unique architecture of Antoni Gaudí – Sagrada Família and Park Güell associated with the name. It also has a magnificent and serene beachfront, an active social and vibrant nightlife as well as a colorful heritage.

Why visit Seville?

Seville is famous as the Sun City with the spirit of flamenco, a magnificent treasure – Alcázar Palace, and Gothic cathedral.

What are some of the most popular cities to visit in Spain?

Cultural sites in European countries: Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville are some of the most beautiful cities to visit in Spain. While Madrid is famous for its museums and parks, Barcelona became famous because of their unique architecture, and Seville for its rich history and history.