June 5, 2024

Greek Greatness

Fly to Greece, the “Cradle of Western Civilization” and observe its unique charm, and rich history in the beautiful beaches and massive mountains.

A trip to Greece comes with beautiful islands offering unique experiences and scenic beauty in the Mediterranean climate, archaeological sites and historical treasures with the unique combination of culinary delights and local traditions.

On a tour to Greece you will observe the rich history of democracy, theater, the Olympic games, and western philosophy you will get many things to discover on the clean green beaches, abandoned villages, beach resorts, abandoned villages, centuries old castles and underwater caves to have a magical experience in Greece. So start with the 15 most beautiful and unique places to visit in Greece this year, for an unforgettable journey.

15 Places to visit in Greece

  1. Athens
  2. Zakynthos
  3. Naxos
  4. Mykonos
  5. Kefalonia
  6. Santorini
  7. Crete
  8. Parga 
  9. Rhodes 
  10. Delphi 
  11. Meteora 
  12. Patras 
  13. Kavala 
  14. Cape Sounion 
  15. Corfu 


Athens, the capital city is one of the most popular places to visit in Greece

Start with Athens, the capital city of Greece and take guided tours to Acropolis, Parthenon and other archaeological sites that are the birthplace of democracy, enjoy a one day trip to Cape Sounion and Temple of Poseidon Sunset, visit the port of piraeus and the coastline of Athenian river with blue hop-on hop-off bus. Watch the ceremony at the Hellenic Parliament on Syntagma square and visit the Acropolis museum with optional audio guidance. -Visit some of the best historical sites of Athens like the temple of poseidon on Cape Sounion, Odeon of Herodes Atticus theatre, the tomb of the unknown soldier to pay respect and the national gardens to admire natural beauty.

Visit the ancient theatre of Thorikos, the oldest preserved theatre in the world while learning about the mythology and history of the area during the journey through the meeting point in the centre of Athens.

You can also check out the street art of Athens around the gritty Exarchia neighbourhood, experience a day cruise ride with lunch facilities from Athens to Hydra and Aegina to explore the island’s beaches and portside restaurants. Walk in the footsteps of Apostle Paul and explore the history and culture of Ancient Greece, explore the islands of Saronic Gulf with stunning views of Athens from the Aegean Sea. Explore the ancient Panathenaic stadium where the first modern olympic games were held, or stroll around the stalls selling antiques, vinyl records and crafts and try some sample grilled meat on a skewer, served with pita bread.


Zakynthos island is one of the beautiful places to visit in Greece. and explore the thousand foot white cliffs, turquoise water, remnants of a wrecked ship, blue caves and impressive viewpoints.

Visit one of the most epic locations in Greece, Zakynthos island and explore the thousand foot white cliffs, turquoise water, remnants of a wrecked ship, blue caves and impressive viewpoints. Visit one of the most visited places of Zakynthos which is the shipwreck beach viewpoint and take an opportunity to enjoy the spectacular views of crystalline sea waters, steep, limestone formations and a rusty old boat in the middle of the white beach. 

Take a 3 hours mini cruise ride to visit the shipwreck beach of clear white pebble sands but the beach is closed for safety reasons. You can swim at Sfoggio beach which is close to the Navagio or shipwreck beach and then head to the amazing blue caves on the western side of the island which is prone to boating, swimming, and snorkelling activities. 

You can also take a cruise ride that departs from the Gulf of Laganas and don’t forget to capture some photos with the loggerhead turtles “Caretta Caretta ” when you spot them. Visit the stunning caves of Keri and stop for a relaxing swim in the crystal clear waters, or explore the Golden Nesting Beach where sea turtles lay their nests. Arrive at the turtle-shaped island of Marathonisi to see the birthplace of Caretta Caretta turtles and enjoy an all night party at the beach resorts.


Beautiful Naxos port in Greece, a paradise for travelers.

Take a bus tour to visit Naxos with free time for lunch and swim or enjoy a full-day tour by bus to see the ancient Demeter temple, impressive monuments, and archaeological museums. You will visit the cute village of Damalas in the heart of Tragea valley, and enjoy a demonstration at one traditional pottery workshop and traditional restored olive press in that tour.

Driving to the neoclassical village of Chalkio they will take you to some picturesque alleys, traditional citron distillery or museum, the “marble village” of Apiranthos. Stroll down the cobbled streets of Apiranthos and enjoy espresso in a classy atmosphere. Drive towards the north part of Naxos island to reach the small typical Cycladic village of Apollonas in the northeast edge. If you want to feel the relaxing vibe of Naxos then you have to head straight to the beaches and swim into the turquoise after which you can have a relaxing coffee at any of the beach cafes.

If you have some time then stop by the impressive colossal unfinished statue of Kouros from the 6th century BC before returning to Chora. You can also embark on a full-day catamaran tour starting from the port of Naxos and enjoy lunch with drinks while visiting the highlights or sail across the Aegean sea from Naxos to visit the uninhabited island of Delos and explore the most sacred of all the Greek islands. Ride on a cruise to discover the wonders of the Aegean sea and sit down with your family to celebrate a lunch party.


Visit Mykonos. Known for night life, windmills, and beautiful churches.

An island with vibrant nightlife, Mykonos in Greece is a favorite party destination and offers breathtaking view of the Agean sea.

Visit Mykonos and experience traditional charm with all the modern luxury while exploring whitewashed buildings and serene beaches.

Mykonos also known as the “Island of the Winds”, is one of the most sought after places to visit in Greece. Beautiful necklace of windmills are dotting the Mykonos skyline free from the bustling modern skycrappers offering an escape into nature.

From night party animals to soothing churches and even something for wildlife lovers, Mykonos offers unique views, luxury and comfort for every traveler.


visit Kefalonia also known Cephalonia in Greece is the most loved port city frequented by tourists.

Visit the magnificent world-renowned clean beaches of Kefalonia with turquoise waters and lush vegetation surrounding them of which the best one is Myrtos for its crystal clear and bright blue waters. This very long beach is located in a crescent shaped bay and surrounded by mountains and cliffs covered with vegetation and trees.

You can also visit the Antisamos beach which is surrounded by dense vegetation that is mirrored into the water, giving it a distinctive blue-greenish colour or the Petani beach with many facilities like umbrellas, showers, and traditional taverns for you. In Skala you can find both mountain and sea with a special visual of dense pine forests that protects the coast. 

Found the rare brownish-orange sand of Xi with enormous white clay cliffs near the beach and observe the amazing beauty of this not very common sight. Take the opportunity for a free self-spa treatment, covering their body and face with skin-nourishing and therapeutic clay mud what many visitors naturally do. You can also stroll around the villages of Cosmopolitan Fiscardo and its historic seafront houses. 

Don’t forget to try the local cuisine and tasty Robola wine, or the famous local dishes of Kefalonia like Tassia in Fiscardo, Ampelaki in Argostoli, Flamingo in Skala, and Ionio in Lassi if you need some break. Take an adventure of paragliding over Myrtos to admire the beauty of landscapes, or the underwater scenery and marine life by scuba diving in the transparent safe waters, hiking the Ainos National park on the highest mountain of Kefalonia, Ainos. Saristra festival at the abandoned Palia Vlachata village is a memorable experience amid the abandoned houses, old ruins, and long-forgotten people.


Visit Santorini in Greece.

Take a ferry from Athens to visit some of the most beautiful lunar landscapes, and volcanic beaches in Santorini starting from the Red Beach. Visit this beautiful beach of red cliffs, crystal blue water and the black sand beach. Hike above the beach to get a good vantage point of the whole area, follow the wagon trail down to the beach. Enjoy sunbathing beside the mediterranean sea, the rare natural beauty of Santorini, the breathtaking caldera, and the extraordinary views of volcanic beaches. 

It is regarded as one of the top places to visit in Greece as you can take a volcanic island cruise ride with hot springs, a luxurious Catamaran day trip with meals, open bar or catamaran tour with BBQ dinner, drinks and music, and half-day Santorini tour to Oia, Black beach and Pyrgos. Visit the whitewashed houses and blue-tone roofs, iconic blue-domed churches of Oia, admire views from Profitis Ilias and sunrise in the early morning. Relax on the shores of Perissa beach before some well-deserved wine tasting, wander around the courtyard of the 18th-century monastery that sits on the top of the mountain. Visit the saint Nektarios chapel, the village of Pyrgos and wander through its winding alleys.

Next you will stop at Emporio and will be guided to the small Venetian fortress on your walking tour to discover the picturesque villages and then continue to the Perissa beach or black beach where you can enjoy swimming. Visit the town of Thera as well which is built on the rim of a volcano and the blank sand Kamari beach, explore ancient Akrotiri, or hop on a boat tour to visit Nea Kameni. Don’t forget to taste some authentic Chloro cheese, local sausages, Sfougato, and Santorini wine on your journey.


Visit Crete a beautiful place in Greece

Visit Crete for seaside tourist resorts, view old towns in their glory, roam in traditional villages, indulde in Cretan delicacies, and much more.

Crete is the largest Greek island that has still holds the remenants of a beautiful civilization. A small island with big on beauty interms of nature, culture, history, and adventurous avtivities.

You can take a stroll in the capital city Chania (Hania) and navigate in the alleys of old town exploring Venetian mansions. You can also also adoringly praise the Byzantine and Ottoman structures at Heraklion, the largest urban center in Greece. For the seafarers, a visit to Agios Nikolaso, lovingly called Ag Nik by the Brits connects with the sea via a beautiful channel of water.


One of the most places to visit in Greece, Parga is famous for the Venetian Castle, Voltos Beach

Visit the Anthousa waterfall, Pangaea Olive Oil museum, Anthousa Castle, enjoy the scenic beauty of Acheron river, Venetian castle of Parga, Valtos and Lichnos beach and discover diverse kinds of waterbodies in the ancient municipal town of Parga in Greece. Enjoy hiking in the springs of Acheron river, visit the medieval castles, mountainous villages, secluded beaches and hilltops with breathtaking views following the old footpaths across the region of Parga.

You can practise rafting following the river route  from the springs to the Ionian sea, enjoy watersports in the beach of Ammoudia and relax with swimming in the clear water or by feeling the cold breeze of the beaches between Parga and Preveza. Enjoy shopping and taste some local traditional dishes of Parga like Souvlaki, Saganaki, Moussaka, Taramasalata, Kleftiko, and Dolmades at one of the best restaurants, bars, and cafes on the island.

You can also enjoy private kayaking experience in Parga, Zagoria nd Vikos Gorge visit from Parga, one day private tour from Parga, Syvota, Igoumenitsa, Ioannina or a private tour of Leflaka island by van that will surely provide some memorable experiences with family and friends.


Rhodes is an old mediaeval town and one of the very popular places in to visit in Greece.

Visit the otherworldly old mediaeval town of Rhodes and trek through wooded valleys, soak up the Mediterranean sunshine from a beach or explore ancient towns, and discover many more hidden gems like the village of Lindos, Acropolis of Lindos, and ancient ruins of the city. Hop on a boat and sail to the neighbouring destinations such as Marmaris in Turkey or the picturesque island of Symi.

Visit the Faliraki to enjoy its lively nightlife scene, hit all the bars and clubs and dance late into the evening or enjoy a relaxing day on the beach. If party is not your thing then go for a romantic picnic over at St paul’s bay and snorkel to explore the colourful marine life and practice windsurfing along the coast. Visit the monastery of Filerimos, picturesque Lindos and winding cobbled streets of Acropolis.

Enjoy the panoramic shots in Monastery Tsambika, breathtaking view of Kolymbia coast, climb 350 steps to reach the Byzantine church, Archaeological museum of Rhodes housing ancient treasures spanning 7,000 years. Discover the marble statues and historical artefacts in Rhodes town, enjoy some tranquillity in Rodini park away from the hustle and bustle of town while having a refreshing beverage after a visit to the palace of the Grand master of the Knights of Rhodes.


Visit the archeological sites of Delphi, temple of Apollo

Visit the historical sites of Delphi like the ancient Temple of Apollo, Delphi archaeological museum, archaeological museum of Amfissa, or take an adventurous dive into the Corycian cave and Museum of Delphi to discover some ancient traces of history with marble statues, coins, and golden gems. Located on top of a hill overlooking a valley of olive grapes Delphi was a famous oracle in antiquity and a holy site over the Mediterranean sea nowadays. 

Regarded as one of the best places to visit in Greece, we recomend you to visit the ancient theatre located next to the Temple of Apollo in Delphi dating back to the 4th century BC that hosts ancient plays and cultural events. You may visit the sanctuary of Athena Pronea that includes the famous Tholos and was the first public sanctuary, explore the treasury of the Athenians or the archaeological museum to discover the most famous exhibits i.e. the Charioteer and the Sphinx. 

The charioteer is one of the masterpieces of ancient Greek art, a bronze statue of the only survivor of a large impressive chariot in great detail. You can find the Castalian Spring close to the Oracle of Delphi that was once filled with cleansing waters, iconic style building of Stoa of the Athenians, and the museum of Delphic festivals.


Enjoy hiking in Meteora to experience the jaw-dropping nature, walk in the footsteps of monks on ancient cobbled trails.

Visit the magical destination of Greece, Meteora in search of peace at its monasteries like the Great Meteoron Monastery, Varlaam monastery, the holy trinity monastery, and Rousaanou monastery. Meteora is a region in northwestern Greece that is also famous for its unique rock formations, massive sandstone boulders, and a dramatic backdrop to the towns of Kalambaaka, Kastraki besides six mediaeval monasteries. 

You can enjoy hiking in Meteora to experience the jaw-dropping nature, walk in the footsteps of monks on ancient cobbled trails and know how these monasteries were used in ancient times. Don’t miss the chance to see the sunrise illuminating the beautiful hills and valleys of Meteora. After sitting for some time near the majestic rocks and landscapes head to Psaropetra lookout that will offer you stunning scenery and a view over the Roussanou monastery with best views of sunset. 

Continue walking towards the Kastraki village along the main road to see more giant rocks, and then fuel yourself with some pastries from a local bakery before heading to Kalambaka to finish your hike. You can save some energy for a short hike to the bizarre-looking pillar of Adrachti rock known as ‘penis rock’, or join the adventurous cliff scrambling tour, rock climbing, tandem paragliding flight or whitewater rafting in Meteora.


Patras, Greeece

Discover the mediaeval castle, Roman Odeon, Church of Saint Andrew and other hidden treasures of Patras by taking a private tour of Kalavitra, cave lakes, Odontotos railway from Patras, ancient olympia full-day tour or some other private tours. Visit the Science and Technology museum, which is a pleasant place for informal education, experimentation, cooperation, acquisition of knowledge, experience, and gather a memorable experience if you are curious about the innovations of science.

Visit the beautiful beach promenade of Patra, the interesting historical sites, enjoy the glorious carnival in February or March, and the vivid nightlife that attracts many visitors to this city. The medieval castle in the old town offers panoramic views and the town of Nafpaktos offers some photographic views. Visit Achaia Clauss, one of the oldest and most famous wineries in Greece that produces the best mavrodaphne, a sweet and strong wine.

Visit the amazing archaeological museum of Patra that has a large interior space and a wonderful yard with pool, enjoy some cultural events at Apollo Municipal theatre near King George I square, and watch the exhibition of centuries old photos, clothes, tools, and furniture at Folk Art museum, and offer some prayers with your family at the holy Church of Agia Varvara or church of Agios Nikolas.


Kavalva is one of the best places to visit in Greece and a top destination in Europe for its serene waters and sandy beaches.

Serene waters, sandy beaches, long coastlines, taverns next to the waves, and many sport activities on the beaches of Kavala makes it a wonderful place to visit with family and friends. Enjoy the famous attractions of Kavala like exploring Panagia, Imaret, mud bath of Krinides, archaeological site of Philippi, vineyards of Ktima Biblia Chora, The castle of Kavala, the Aqueduct, take a trip to Thassos to enjoy island life and taste the Biblia Chora wine at Ekies.

Observe the fine works at the well-preserved structure of Kevala aqueduct popularly known as Kamares that dates back to the sixteenth century. Wander around the old town of Kavala through the picturesque lanes of town in the peninsula of Panagia, walk through the historic military roman road called “Via Egnatia”. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Philippi just a few miles from Kavala and discover the stunning monuments, historic significance of the place and long history of the regional cultures.

Relax with a dip in the blue-green seas of popular beaches like Batis, Tosca, Kalamitsa, Rapsani, and Perigiali. You can also visit the Tobacco museum of Kavala and Municipal Tobacco Warehouse as well if you want, which contains exhibitions on the processing of Oriental tobaccos, with some glimpse of economic and social history of the region. 

Cape Sounion

 Cape Sounion  is one of the top places to visit in Greece and Europe for its breathtaking views of the Agean Sea.

Visit the scenic coastal views of Cape Sounion on a private or semi-private tour from Athens, travel along south Attica’s shoreline roads, enjoy hiking trails at Sounion National Park with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, and enjoy sunset at Temple of Poseidon. You will find the native wildlife when you stop at the Sounion National Park including foxes and tortoises.

You will surely feel amazed when you see the amazing ancient ruins of Poseidon temple and observe the rich history of the ancient temple of Athena that dates back to the 5th century BC and provides an opportunity to learn about the regional practices of ancient Greeks. Take some time to relax on the Sounion Beach located around the temple and take a swim in the crystal clear water if you like while enjoying the beautiful scenery. 

Indulge in some delicious Greek cuisine including fresh seafood and traditional dishes at one of the many restaurants and taverns near Sounion Beach. Take a boat tour around Cape Sounion to see the temple of Poseidon from the sea during sunset and enjoy the stunning views of the coastline which is a famous attraction for tourists. For more adventure, you can visit the charming coastal town of Lavrion to enjoy some beautiful moments in its lively port area, museums, markets, shops, and taverns to explore its rich history and lifestyle.


Home to old town to stunning beaches,  Corfu is one of the most popular places to visit in Greece.

From a pedestrian-only old town to stunning beaches and ornate palaces, discover the hidden gems of Corfu, Greece and relax on sandy beaches, swim in gin-clear seas, stroll through the fascinating old town, admire historical sites and museums, and enjoy hiking through the forests of this stunning island to enjoy two to three days at Corfu with your family. 

Enjoy some beautiful moments at Paleokastritsa beach, Aqualand Corfu Water park, traditional villages of Palia Perithia, and the village of Afionas with some refreshing coffee. Don’t miss to observe the spectacular beauty of sunrise at Corfu town and enjoy a palatable meal with some local cuisines like delicious Stakofisi, fish Bourdeto, fish Bianco, and Pastrokio eggplant.

Rent a boat in Dassia in the east or Paleokastritsa in the west and spend the day motoring along the coastline and discover small tranquil coves ideal for a refreshing dip along with other adventures like water skii in Gouvia Bay, try paragliding in Dassia, and horse riding in Gouvia and Avlaki.

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Plan a romantic honeymoon, an adventure-filled holiday or simply a relaxing historic getaway to visit with family or friends this spring then beautiful islands, turquoise waters surrounded by lush vegetation, adventurous ancient sites and villages, underwater caves, old rock formations, hidden treasures isolated islands and abandoned islands, hikes of Mount Ainos and endless enjoyment of nightlife with an authentic taste of Souvlaki, chunks of skewered pork await you in Greece.


Which is the best month to visit Greece?

The spring months of Greece from April to June and the months of early fall i.e. September and October is the best time to visit Greece outside the busy summer peaks and in a not stifling but warm temperature.

What is the most special thing in Greece?

Greece one of the most visited places in Europe, is known as the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy, theater, the Olympic games, and western philosophy. It is also famous for its over 2000 islands, Mediterranean climate and physical diversity.

What is the expected average budget for a Greece trip?

Greece may sound luxurious to the visitors but with proper guidance on hotel, transportation, and sightseeing tour options it can be an affordable destination for you. You can expect an average daily budget of around $45 per person.

What is the best way to travel in Greece?

Taxis are always the most accessible option for travelling around cities and islands in Greece while some other options specially buses are available to visit the larger islands like Crete on Athens, Santorini, and Crete Itineraries. So overall the public transportation in Greece is very good whether it’s inside larger islands or the smaller islands.