“The House of Mouse” might be the very first thing that strikes your mind when someone addresses Florida. Right? Well, it’s quite obvious, but do you know that apart from this, what leaves the tourists surprised is its gleaming sunshine, shorelines, dozens of scenic beaches, theme parks, exotic wildlife, mouth-watering food, and several other things? 

Thus, if you have decided to explore the beauty of Florida then give a pat on your back. You have an impressive taste of travelling. But, if you are bewildered relating to the , then take a deep breath, as this explanatory read will cover the places that you should visit in Florida.

A look at the Geographic state of Florida

Nestled amidst the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, Florida is dotted at the southernmost part of the USA. Holding the beauty of dozens of astounding beaches and theme parks, tourism is a major part of this Sunshine State. No one can beat Florida when it comes to exploring beach resorts, amusement parks, a favourable climate, and nautical recreation. If you have finalized Florida as your vacation destination, then be ready to witness the phenomenal beauty of this place. Keep your cameras handy to capture every single moment there!!

Known Facts about Florida

 Florida has a handsome count of beaches and amusement parks
 It is known for its scenic landscapes
 The tax rates are low compared to other states
 The cost of living index is 1% higher than the natural average percentage

Due to these key highlights, it is known as the most admired destination for vacation. So, let’s now head ahead to prepare an intact list of the Florida Vacation Destinations.

Sailing through the premium vacation destination in Florida

If you are searching for an itinerary for Family-Friendly Florida Vacationland have lost the plot, then no worries. We are here to guide you over the same by demonstrating some of the alluring places in Florida where you can visit and admit its elegance. Florida… has a lot on its plate!! Your vacations might come to an end, but this destination will not fall back from astonishing you with its rich culture and the number of attractions that it has. So, get your back tight to know some of the awe-inspiring locations in Florida.

Orlando- The Heart of Florida

Addressed as the “The Heart of Florida,” this city is known for holding breath-taking views, apart from having Disney Land. With the enormous growth and development, this city now holds an abundance of amusement and theme parks. Stuffed with recreational activities and services, Orlando appeals to people belonging to all age groups. One can enjoy playing golf or add elegant collections to one’s wardrobe by enjoying shopping. If you have planned a Family-Friendly Florida Vacations, then surely you are going to love exploring these spots:

 Disney World
 Epcot Centre
 Universal Studios
 SeaWorld
 Gator Park

 Typhoon Lagoon
 Volcano Bay and several others

Siesta Key: Perfect Spot for relaxing

Siesta Key, undoubtedly, is one of the best islands of all. You’ll find this island on the coast of the Sarasota. Although you can enjoy indulging in a couple of fun activities, it is well-known as a place where you can relax your back.  The powdery white sand of this fabulous beach compels visitors to get bathed in its colons and enjoy every moment without any worry. The family-friendly amenities work as a cherry on the cake. Key activities you can enjoy here are:

 Playing Volleyball
 Exploring the Hiking Trails
 Kayaking
 Attending the live music at Siesta Village

St. Augustine: An archaic American city

Titled as the oldest City of America, St. Augustine highly attracts the history buffs. This city marked its presence dates back to the year 1500s, and still captivates visitors with its magnificent architecture. The famous sights that you can admire here include:

 St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum
 St. Augustine Wild Reserve
 Lightner Museum
 Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse
 Castillo de San Marcos, and others

Islamorada: The Sport Fishing Capital of the World

Paradise to your eyes, Islamorada is a scenic village comprising six islands. The tranquillity in the environment, parks, art galleries, and coral reefs truly justifies the delicacy that this place has embraced to date.  This picturesque place holds great significance among the list of the top Florida Vacation Destinations. The nickname is backed by the fact that it brought several species, say, Sailfish, Marlin, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, and Tarpon.

Clearwater Beach: An epitome for the relaxing trip

Soft white sand, turquoise water, and a peaceful environment create a perfect blend of the elements that a beach must-have. All these key factors are the major reason that makes this beach constantly rank among the list of popular Florida Vacation Destinations.

Further, you can even explore the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which is just a short drive away from this beach. Moreover, the rental homes and hotels lie in close proximity to this beach, so you need to put less effort searching for them.

Dry Tortugas National Park: A glimpse at biodiversity

One of the locations that will best suit the atmosphere of your Family-Friendly Florida Vacations is the Dry Tortugas National Park. It holds an amazing number of bird species. When it comes to turtles, you’ll admit having fun watching five types of turtles along with agued number of coral species.

The count of coral species ranges to around 30. One can reach this location through either of the two ways, i.e., a boat or a seaplane. It’s going to be a lovely place for the ones who cherishes nature’s beauty, but yes, to admire its beauty, visitors have to pay some charge.

Naples: City known for its Elegance

Acknowledged for white sandy beaches, exotic restaurants, and golf courses, this city perfectly showcases a blend of high-rise condominiums and is named among the romantic city. The city highly attracts the aesthetes and shopaholics. Most of the visitors have reported having an overwhelming experience. Don’t miss a chance to seize the moment of dolphins by sailing a boat on the Naples Pier.

Miami Beach: It’s time to hit the beach 

Acclaimed for Art Deco architecture, the eye-catching southern Miami Beach is a place that truly portrays a picture of mixed culture. At this beach, one can capture the splendid blend of residents and travellers all in one place.  Kids-friendly, this beach is one of the perfect Family-Friendly Florida Vacations. Lay down on the soft white sands, or enjoy having brunch and cocktails at the rooftop bars.

Amelia Island: Perfect place to cheat on crowd

Head to the northeast of Jacksonville for approx. 30 miles, and here, you’ll reach an uncrowded charming beach. It’s a perfect place for those who are looking for a chance to avoid the crowds of the beach. Unlike the sandy beaches, here you can take the feel of the charming seaside along with rolling dunes. Further, you can also visit the oldest 67-foot-tall lighthouse standing proudly, and it is another attractive site that you can explore. 

Everglades National Park: A home for alligators and crocodiles

It is the world-famous place where the alligators and crocodiles coexist. This famous World Heritage Site provides shelter to several other species as well, apart from crocodiles and alligators. It provides home to several birds, fish, animals, reptiles, and endangered species as well.  Although the idea of exploring this park won’t tickle your mind at first instance. If you love to admire species, then visiting this one of the amazing Florida Vacation Destinations is going to add worth to your trip. And, yes, it is counted among the best natural treasures of Florida

Destin: World’s Luckiest Fishing Village

Got its identity in the year 1850; Destin was discovered when a bridge was constructed linking the skinny Peninsula to Florida’s mainland. Compelling the visitors with its friendly environment, this village holds a population (baseline) of around 13,000 people (residents). The white shores of pure Appalachian Quartz insist the residents leave their spaces and admire the beauty of Destin’s beaches.

Panama City Beach: Perfect place to capture Panoramic view

At Panama City Beach, you’ll be amazed by viewing the natural beauty. Just imagine a place covered with pearly white beaches, a subtropical climate, dolphins playing in the surf, and you are sitting out there, gazing at them. How peaceful environment would it be? Surely, it’s going to be an experience that can’t be expressed in words. The serenity that moment hold, can’t be described in anyway. Some of the activities that you’ll enjoy doing there are:

 Gazing marine life at Gulf World Marine Park
 Enjoy camping at St. Andrews State Park
 Having fun at Shipwreck Island Waterpark
 Dive in for swimming

Saint George Island: Experience the beauty of untouched nature

Also narrated as the last known barrier of the island of the state, having biking routes, nature trails, and waterways, this pristine beach draws the attention of almost everyone stepping into Florida. The small, charming towns surrounding the island add a pinch of old Florida to the beach environment. For those who are wandering to get immersed in the beauty of untouched nature, this island can put an end to their search.

Fort Walton Beach: Where no plan is also a plan

As we already mentioned, Florida is known for the scenic beaches that it holds, so here is another one that you can add to your trip…With pristine golf courses, museums, and several other attractions, Fort Walton Beach is located in the lap of the Florida Panhandle. One of the prime sites included among the Florida Vacation Destinations, this island invites people who haven’t planned anything for their weekends.  If you are blank as to what to explore, then pay a visit to Oskaloosa Island or John Beasley Park. Ahh…wait!! Don’t forget to check the glory of the Indian Mound Museum.

St. Petersburg: Taste the perfect flavour of Urban life and beach getaway

It’s a place where you can capture the spectacular sunsets. St. Petersburg has made a place in making a Guinness world record for descrying the most consecutive days of sunshine. You would be surprised to note that annually, this city hosts around 1,000 events, straight from the St. Anthony’s Triathlon to the largest pride celebration in Florida. What’s more appealing about this city is that it never fails to make people of all age segments comfortable. Explore a large count of parks and get coloured into the cultural events taking place in the city.

Jot down another staggering destination to add to your vacations

Cocoa Beach – “Quintessential Beach Town”… Another great gem that has made its position among the top Florida Vacation Destinations. If you have Orlando on your Florida trip, then you need not put some extra effort into visiting Cocoa Beach. Just an hour east of Orlando, you will find Cocoa Beach, stuffed with multiple attractions and amazing opportunities will surely add iconic moments to your Florida vacation plan.  What’s the greatest perk here is that it is counted among one of the most affordable destinations that you can visit in Florida. You can try hands in several activities, which include:
 Check out the iconic rockets

 The artifacts at the Kennedy Space Centre
 Visit The Florida Church Museum
 Enjoy Golfing
 Take sunbath
 Take a deep dive at the beach
 Or, gaze at the birdlife

What other amazing Florida Vacation Destinations you can visit?

To cover all the stunning places of Florida in this descriptive read is quite impossible, so we have illustrated a few of them in the upper section of this document. But, it doesn’t mean that the places to visit in Florida are limited to the ones mentioned above. There is a wide list of the top tourist destinations that you can explore. So, to help you out through it we are naming them underneath:

 Key west
 Marco Island
 Tampa
 Sarasota
 Crystal River
 Florida Keys
 The Palm Beaches
 Cedar Key
 Daytona
 Fort Myers & Fort Myers Beach
 Fort Lauderdale
 Sanibel Island
 Pensacola
 Loxahatchee
 Cape Canaveral
 Biscayne National Park

There are several other tourist destinations also.

At what time of the year should one plan a trip to Florida Vacation Destinations?

Florida is one of the tourist places that have something for their visitors throughout the year. One of the highly sited countries, Florida is acclaimed for having white soft-sandy beaches. But, even if you are looking ahead for suitable weather, then you can craft a tailored plan of spending your vacations in Florida two times a year, depending on your preference. March-April, and

 September-October

Based on the empirical research and analysing the history of visitor heading to Florida, the above-mentioned time is considered highly suitable. Moreover, you can be a part of some of the interesting and world-known events that take place in Florida throughout the year. If you haven’t an idea of what events you can enjoy, then check out the precise list of them based on the weather type.


If you are planning to explore the city in summer (as per Florida’s Climate), i.e., between May and early September, then you’ll be encountering a huge count of visitors as it is the peak time. The festival in which you can participate during this time is: 

 PCB’s Gulf Coast Jam


Hopping over to know the festivals that took place in the winters, i.e., December-February, you can be a part of the following:

 New Year’s Eve Beach Ball Drop Event
 Mardi Gras Celebrations in PCB

During the fall

It’s the time when the summers are packing up their bags, and winters are on their way to cover Florida. This is the favourable time when you can plan your trip to Florida, i.e., the time of September-October.  With relatively low crowds and reasonable rates, you can be a part of

these great festivals: Williston’s Peanut Festival and
 Oktoberfest Celebrations in PCB Thus, these are a couple of festivals that you can surely enjoy if you are planning a trip to Florida in each of the listed weathers.=

Final Call…

The core aim behind creating this read was to unpack the complete information relating to the popular Florida Vacation Destinations that you should definitely include in your itinerary.
Along with this, we have also made efforts to help you with the most suitable weather in which you can plan a trip to Florida. After scrolling down this piece of information, we hope that you might have taken down some of the destinations based on your interests.

“Rejuvenate your soul with gleaming sunshine, delicious seafood, and white-soft sandy beaches by planning an ideal itinerary for your upcoming vacations in Florida…”

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