Whether you want to escape the city lives or are seeking a short break from your daily life, vacation is one of the amazing and best remedies that you can take.

If you are in search of chasing the beauty of nature, then Europe has an abundance of places that you can explore to admit nature’s serenity and tranquillity. By planning a tour to Europe, you will experience adrenaline adventures, scenic landscapes, magnificent historical buildings, amazing culture, and a lot more things.

In this comprehensive read, we will be moving ahead to sum up major European Holiday Destinations to make your trip memorable and more exciting. As you step ahead, scrolling
down the read, you will be able to get a surface idea of the culture, majestic mountains, impressive historical sights, and amazing nightlife. So, get ready to unpack the bundle of joy by getting a short tour of the places to visit in Europe.

Europe – Carrying the bundle of scenic beauty

The “Peninsula of Peninsulas,” Europe, is well-stuffed with delightful places and attractions, making it one of the most visited destinations. The resplendent spots are the major attractions for the tourists, compelling them to seize the sight and leaving them flabbergasted.

Some of the tourist sites are well-recognized all around the world, while some are still counted among the hidden gems of Europe. It is also known as the place from where the spark of modern civilization evolved. Having a rich history of human development, European Holiday Destinations are recognized worldwide.

Have a virtual tour of the European Holiday Destinations

Whether you are about to plan a backpacker trip or a lavish, relaxing vacation, Europe has covered everything for every type of traveller. Stuffed with awe-inspiring spots, rich historical sites, scenic landscapes, majestic mountains, charming beaches, lovely cities, and
surreal nightlife, Europe has everything that traps the heart of every tourist.

Here are a few of the fantastic Places to visit in Europe. While going through this read, keep a paper and pen to make a note of all the major cities that you can add to your itinerary. Walking through the charming cities of Europe

Rome – A Quixotic place on Earth

Preserving over 900 churches belonging to the Paleo Christian and Medieval Period to the Gothic, this iconic city is also the capital of Italy. With the fact of 3000 old ad hoc history urban development, Rome has successfully positioned itself in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The city generally has a Mediterranean weather, making it favourable for the tourists to explore its world-famous landmarks. This romantic city has a lot on its plate. The picturesque landscapes, beautiful evenings, friendly people, and abundance of historical sites attract people to come and praise its beauty. Some of the popular destinations that you can explore in Rome are:❖ Colosseum
❖ Roman Forum
❖ Pompeii
❖ Pantheon
❖ Trevin Fountain
❖ Vatican Museum
❖ St. Peter’s Basilica
❖ St. Peter’s Square

In addition to this you can explore several other tourist sites in Rome. To be precise, it is an epitome of beauty.

London- Preserving the hidden gems

When it comes to world-class cuisines, fashion statements, and art galleries coated with rich history and culture, no one can beat London. What not you can find in London…Straight from the museums to aquariums, fine food, rich history, diverse culture, iconic landmarks, and art galleries, London has excelled in everything.

This Vibrant city is crowned with the title of “The Heritage of England.” The city has opened the gates of several attractions for the people at zero cost, making it one of the destinations that falls within the Budget Travel in Europe.

The prime tourist spots that you can visit are:

❖ Buckingham Palace

❖ Warner Bros Studios

❖Thames River

❖ Queen Elizabeth Park

❖ The Tower of London

❖ British Museum

❖ Tower Bridge

❖ Hyde Park

Venice – Best to enjoy Gondola Rides

Nestled on a group of 118 islands, this city elegantly connects the islands with robust and beautiful bridges. The islands are separated by the several canals that run down throughout the city. This is why it is also known as the “The City of Canals” or “Floating City.”

Apart from this, Venice is known for its lagoons and rich architecture, narrating the stories of history. Churches, museums, and other architecture together, makes it rank amongst the list of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. Venice lets tourists immerse in its beauty, allowing them to discover something romantic and exciting, making it one of the indelible European Holiday Destinations.

Amsterdam- The Venice of North

With plenty of historic sites, significant skyscrapers, and exciting views, this global city is worth exploring. This city truly reflects the vibrant colons of several cultures and religions, which is really awe-inspiring. Blessed with endless gifts, Amsterdam is enveloped with
unparalleled infrastructure, canals, museums, parks, theatres, and historical sites that strongly influence visitors. More importantly, tourists can enjoy trying their hands on some of the adventurous activities, which include zip lining, biking, rock climbing, canoeing, and much more.

Greece- A city known for blue domes and white infrastructures

What comes to your mind when you hear of Greece…? Lemme Guess…whitewashed homes and blue domes are what tickles our minds first. Right? Yeah!! After all, it is one of the main contours that distinguishes Greece from other cities. Surrounded by azure blue water, blue domes, and white infrastructures, Greece holds a rich and glorious history. It doesn’t have any shortage of amazing destinations for tourists. People can enjoy relaxing back on the white soft-sandy beaches, have fun at picturesque islands, explore magnificent monuments, etc.

Hey!! If you are in Greece, don’t miss out having nightlife fun at clubs and restaurants. Get yourself indulged in a number of fun activities such as partying, boozing, fine dining, etc.

Norway- Enjoy the nature’s beauty to the fullest

Covered in thick snow, Norway is the best place for those who love winters. This place remains cold most of the time, and the winters are bitterly cold here. Also known as the “Land of Midnight Sun,” its magical night lights highly draw the attention of the tourists.

Charming fjords and phenomenal lakes with turquoise water are the core attractions portraying an unrealistic picture of Norway. You can truly experience the feeling of staying close to nature while having a tour of Norway. In short, Norway is all about the fjords, giant glaciers, phenomenal lakes, wintery climate, and the magical northern lights.

Iceland- Displaying nature in an indelible manner

Considered one of the best European Holiday Destinations, Iceland would be the best pick for your vacation. Beautiful ice caves, active volcanoes, steaming hill rocks, waterfalls, whales, and unparalleled natural beauty don’t fail to draw the attention of the visitors.

Some of the things that will surely add excitement and thrill to your tour of Iceland are Icelandic horses, Gullfoss waterfalls, experience diving in the Silfra fissure, or having fun with puffins. Moreover, Iceland offers you to experience crowd-free vacations, and thus,
adding it to your vacation’s bucket list will be worth it.

Barcelona- A tour of your dream city

Must see this place in Spain lies in the southern-west region of Europe. Quite similar to your dream city, Barcelona is one of the most visited cities on the bucket list of travellers. With rich culture, majestic history, and marvellous beauty, this city is full of amazing activities and sites that you can visit.

Don’t forget to visit the Camp Nou Stadium if you are in Barcelona. The perfect blend of the artifacts and scenic beauty makes it rank at the top of the  European Holiday Destinations. Further, visitors can also add fun to their trip by participating in skydiving.

Prague- A city that remains unaffected by WWII

You might be a little astonished to admit that it is the sole Eastern European City that remains uninfluenced by the attacks that took place in the world-known WWII. Quite mysterious it is, right? But this photogenic city is not only a gem of Europe but is also acclaimed worldwide by the name “City of a Thousand Spires.”

Stepping ahead, it is home to an endless number of historic canters and fine old homes that are still in the queue of being explored. Furthermore, it is also a core canter of the emerging commercial, political, and cultural activities.

So, if you want to embrace the beauty of one of the city standing its head high even after getting stricken by the terrific attacks of WWII, then it is one of the must-see European Holiday Destinations.

Switzerland- The Plethora of Eccentric Landscapes

Falling within your Budget Travel in Europe, Switzerland` is one of the widely visited destinations preferred by tourists. Enjoy a seamless train journey through the outlined scenic landscapes, towering peaks, landscapes, and waterfalls as you pass by the lanes of Switzerland.

Further, if historical events and monuments deeply influence you, then Switzerland is going to be one of the best places that you can add to your itinerary. Abundance of castle, forts, and their ruins narrating the stories of bravery, defeats, and victories are surely going to please you.

Denmark- Transforming fantasies into reality

Not only in Europe, but Denmark is one of the picture-perfect places around the globe. You’ll experience being in the lap of nature. Take a sight tour, and you will be captivated by the alluring lakes, acres of vineyards, waterfalls, awe-inspiring scenery, and pristine beaches.

With tons of amazing architecture, you can have a tour through its rich history and culture. Passing through the lush greenery and spending a couple of hours over there, you’ll get relaxed. Alternatively, if you want to hop over the environment of nature and city life quickly, then Denmark is quintessential of the same.

One more thing!! Don’t forget to enjoy the Roller Coaster Ride at Tivoli Gardens to add thrill to your trip, or else it’s going to be incomplete.

Places you can visit in Denmark are:

❖ The National Gallery of Denmark
❖ Lyngby Open-Air Museum
❖ Round Tower
❖ Amalie Borg Palace
❖ Nyman
❖ Copenhagen Zoo
❖ The National Park and several others

Moscow- Showcasing the Ancient Russian Empire

When it comes to Russia, how can one skip Moscow-its capital and a city that is flawlessly carrying the beauty and elegance of the ancient Russian empire? The city has a lot of things for its visitors. Right from wandering on the city streets to capturing the panoramic view of the city from the heights, you can enjoy visiting the famous music theatres situated in the middle of the city. It is one of the top picks of adventure seekers; Moscow lets the visitors fill up their baggage with the city’s offerings. The palatable Russian Cuisines will drive you crazy. With multiple visiting destinations, this city annually invites a large segment of tourists.

Things you can do in Moscow!

Visit one of the popular bathhouses (Revoke Baths, Sandunovyskye Baths, Lefortovskie Baths, and Perovskite Baths)

❖ Ice-skating
❖ Hot Balloon Ride
❖ Skydiving
❖ Helicopter Excursions

These are a couple of the destinations that you can explore if you are eager to explore Europe, or want to dive deep into its culture, history, and diversity. After acknowledging the top cities/countries of Europe, we will now have a sight at the popular sites that you should definitely visit while heading for Europe.

European Holiday Destinations – you can’t miss!!

After having a cursory check at the major European countries that you can explore to make your trip amazing, we will now check on the highest-ranking tourist destinations that best suit your Budget Travel in Europe. Here are a handful of exquisite destinations that you can’t miss while planning a vacation to Europe.

Eiffel Tower: One of the Seven Wonders of the World

I’m pretty sure that no one is abstained from being aware about one of the top-most attractions of the world, belonging to Europe.

Yeah!! Positioned among the Seven Wonders of the World, the Eiffel Tower is also recognized by the name “Iron Lady.” This world-recognized historic site stands keeping his heads high in the heart of the city (Paris), captivating tourists to capture the panoramic view of the city both during the daytime and at night as well. The construction work of this magnificent historic sight-seeing site was embarked on January 28, 1887. It is one of the most popular places when it comes to sightseeing.

Arc De Triomphe: Saluting the sacrifices of brave soldiers

One of the prime European Holiday Destinations and re-owned historic sites, this monument was constructed as per the order of Emperor Napoleon in the year 1806. This site was constructed as a gratitude to the brave knights who sacrificed their lives in the
Napoleonic war.

Built between 1806 and 1836, this monument holds a dimension of 50m (tall), 22m (deep), and 45m (wide), and with this, it has become the second largest Triumphal arc to date. This rich historic site annually attracts around 1.7 million tourists.

Isle of Skye: Traverse the Rugged Islands

Nestled in Scotland, Isle of Skye will take your breath away through its inexplicable beauty and serenity. These are the rugged islands packed with the treasure of picturesque greenery, amazing wildlife, and whiskey. It is one of the suitable places for the ones who are looking to cheat on the crowds while on their vacations.

Crooked Forest/Poland’s Krissy Las- A forest of curved trees

Just a short drive from the historic western city of Szczecin, it is a forest known for its uniquely shaped trees. The complete forest encompasses the curved trees, which slightly portray the sign of the question mark in an upside-down manner.

Well, the reason behind this shape of the trees is still a matter of controversy and is a mystery, but some believe that these trees were intentionally given this shape by the Polish workers who use these woods for making ships.

People who are curious to discover this forest keep it on their list of European Holiday Destinations.

Rakotzbrucke: Have a sight at the Devil’s Bridge in real

Is your heart still stuck in the fairy-tales? If so…then with a drop of a hat, add Rakotzbrucke to your bucket list of European places to visit. Popularly called the “Devil’s Bridge,” it tells how beautiful the craftsmanship is. From the get-go, this man-made architecture looks like something beyond this world, something unrealistic or belonging to childhood fairy tales. Built-in 1860, this bridge is just a one-day tour from Berlin or Dresden and will match your Budget Travel in Europe.

Winding Up!!`

No matter, wherever you are in, which region of Europe you are going to visit, you’ll be glorified with all the European Holiday Destinations. Filled with rich culture, magnificent buildings, alluring history, scenic beauty, picturesque landscapes, and streets, you’ll feel
refreshed. Thus, while planning the whole itinerary be sure that you have involved all the major world-famous destinations, to your Europe vacation.

“Charming Landscapes, picturesque city streets, rich culture, and proud history is what European Destinations are stuffed of.”

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