May 29, 2024

North Carolina is a state with various offerings—it has it all! This state has many nature-based attractions, like The Outer Banks and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Cities like Charlotte and Raleigh, which are also famous for their cool bars and amazing restaurants, offer a lot of culture to explore. If you love history, you need to visit Wilmington and Asheville.

But what truly captivates us is the outdoors! The Great Smoky Mountains offer a hiking experience that words can’t do justice. After a rewarding trek, you can unwind by paddling down the serene rivers or creeks. And those beaches?

They are a sight to behold, the epitome of tranquility. 

Here is the list of the best places to visit in North Carolina.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway is a stunning place that stretches through the picturesque landscapes of Virginia and North Carolina, offering some of the most breathtaking sights you’ll ever see.

As you drive through the Linn Cove Viaduct, a marvel of engineering, or visit the historic Mabry Mill, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a postcard-perfect scene.

When it comes to activities, among others are hiking trails such as Humpback Rocks and Craggy Gardens too close at hand. While in this area, please visit the Folk Art Center so that you can check out some local craftsman work they do. You must try some Carolina barbecue sauce or maybe even apple pie from one of those orchards around here before leaving everything behind; trust us, it tastes great!

As for timing, can we go during spring when wildflowers bloom? Nonetheless, no matter what time of the year it is, you can always trust your luck. Just take a slow ride on the parkway in your car, stopping at every lookout along the way and more. Road trips are fun, so take your time and enjoy.

Beaches of the Outer Banks

The stunning beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina! You’ve got to check out some historical sites like Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and Wright Brothers National Memorial or see wild horses at Corolla. In addition to that, you can try swimming, surfing or fishing.

The sandy beaches are also ideal for sunbathing and looking for seashells with kids. You can’t also fail to mention the food! Local seafood specialties such as shrimp and crab cakes, as well as that famous North Carolina barbecue, should never be missed out. By the way, there’s a wide selection of vegetarian food too.

The best time is from late spring through early fall when it is warm enough to swim in the ocean comfortably. Rent a car, as this will allow you to move around all these islands and towns at your own pace without any hassle.

These scenic coastal roads provide breathtaking views of the sea while giving access to all major attractions within Outer Banks as well as hidden gems.

Biltmore Estate in Asheville

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, is like the Big Bang! It is the largest private residential estate in America, and it is very interesting to visit. You must visit the grand Biltmore House, which has many posh rooms, an amazing design, and beautiful art collections. The gardens also should be included. Although we love the Italian Garden and Rose Garden best, there’s a water garden too.

If you’re into outdoor stuff, then you’ll totally love hiking, biking, or even horseback riding on their sprawling grounds. Also, don’t forget to check out Winery at Biltmore, where some of their wines have won lots of awards because they are absolutely yummy!

For example, there is a cafe known as the Bistro and another one called Stable Café, both of which serve delicious farm-to-table meals.

It’s most beautiful in spring when everything flowers or in autumn when all the leaves turn golden. The shuttle service around the property, which runs through virtually all the spots that you need to see, is especially eye-catching on this path.

But if you don’t want to wait for a bus, you can always drive your car anywhere. It helps with pacing!

In all, nothing surpasses the Biltmore estate! There is so much to do and see that one will always be energized here. With historical sites, luxurious facilities, and nature itself, greatness is made in just one place for friends’ fun trips or family vacations.

Waterfalls in North Carolina

North Carolina has got some seriously gorgeous waterfalls: I mean, just driving along, then suddenly you’re like, oh my God, look at that thing over there!” It’s kind of like nature did a crazy thing by dropping a whole lot of water down what looks like an enormous staircase.”

There’s this waterfall called Looking Glass Falls. It’s 60 feet long and located in Pisgah National Forest. It’s pure awesomeness. It is easy to access, so it’s not like you have to hike forever.

And then there’s Linville Falls, which is in Linville Gorge. The cliffs and other features create a lot of drama. Additionally, these hiking trails are really cool.

If you’re feeling adventurous, check out Dupont State Recreational Forest. There, you can hike to and photograph a series of waterfalls, including High Falls and Triple Falls.

You can hike to all of them, take some pictures, and have a picnic by the water. That would be such a lazy way to spend an afternoon.

After trekking around everywhere, it becomes necessary to look for food, right? Instead, explore the local restaurants in nearby towns. They serve Southern dishes made with fresh ingredients from the region. Dining here feels like eating at grandma’s place, only when people wait nicely.

The best time to visit is in spring through early summer when the water flow is high and the weather is very good. Remember your coat, though, as it gets cold near the falls.

You will need a car for transportation purposes, too, since many of these falls are located in off-the-beaten-path areas. This means hitchhiking back to your hotel would be a bad idea, wouldn’t it?

Use GPS or ask locals for directions while enjoying scenic drives amidst green forests and small villages. It’s sort of like a mini road trip!

Downhill Skiing

Downhill skiing in the US is exhilarating! You can marvel at breathtaking mountain scenery and ski down the slopes of famous resorts such as Aspen, Jackson Hole, or Lake Tahoe.

There are even easy rides for beginners and hard runs that defy gravity. And when you have had enough of skiing, there are other activities like snowboarding, ice-skating, and riding big round tubes down the hill.

What better way to end a long day on the slopes than by warming up next to a fire at your lodge or maybe heading to an après-ski party at any restaurant close by?

Make sure you taste some cheese fondue, chili, and craft beers from local breweries while you still can! The best time to visit these places is generally late fall through early spring, when there is just enough snow.

It’s simple to navigate ski towns with shuttles as well as walk between resort villages. Therefore, you won’t experience any problems finding what you need.


Wilmington is a vibrant city with an intriguing past and stunning beaches. When downtown, it’s not uncommon to see cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and busy waterfront restaurants.

Some must–do things include taking a leisurely walk along the Riverwalk by the Cape Fear River, where one can find shops, coffee houses, or local art galleries. Visitors who appreciate history should definitely not miss out on the USS North Carolina Battleship Memorial or even the Bellamy Mansion Museum.

Hikers might head towards Wrightsville Beach for relaxation, whereas nearby pristine parks offer walking trails. Seafood fans will be impressed by restaurants that overlook the water, whereas traditional southern plates are available in many places around town.

However, the city of Wilmington looks most attractive during spring break or autumn, considering that people would like to explore outside.

Use public transportation options like buses and trolleys or rent bicycles to explore at your own pace. Hence, make a trip to Wilmington today and enjoy yourself!

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Whatever your craving is, North Carolina is ready to satisfy it. From the dazzling beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway to the gorgeous beaches of the Outer Banks, there’s something for everyone.

The grandeur of the Biltmore Estate to the thrill of exploring waterfalls in North Carolina never disappoints.

So, let’s dive into these top spots and embark on an adventure in this fantastic country.


What are the landmarks a visitor should not miss in North Carolina?

Explore Asheville’s famous attractions such as the Biltmore Estate; relax on the picturesque Outer Banks; hike, camp or ski in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park; get a city-break in Charlotte or Raleigh; or visit the colonial town of Wilmington.

Which of the North Carolina beaches should be considered the best to visit?

The Outer Banks is highly recommended. It goes on for as many miles as can be imagined and boasts of beaches including the Nags Head beaches and those at the famous Kitty Hawk. People will be able to indulge in water activities, lighthouses, and even the Wright brothers National memorial.

Why visit Wilmington?

New Hanover County was once the home of some famous pre-Civil War sea captains and other successful shipmasters who played a major role in founding and developing the city, and several of the lovely old houses that they built are still preserved in Wilmington today.

It is a city of the historic block with the charm of the classic beauty and sandy beaches of Delaware. Visit the monumental battleship USS North Carolina, take a walk along the Riverwalk, or take a peek at beautiful flowers at the Airlie Gardens.