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Mexico City is one of the top tourist destination, and is the capital of Mexico. There are abundance of enchanting places to explore. The sophisticated technology, iconic structures, scenic landscapes, and vibrant culture of the city will surely leave you astonished.

If you are wandering to pick a perfect vacation destination, then you can undoubtedly go with the Mexico City, and discover...


Day 1

Set Foot in Mexico

  • Airport To Hotel
  • Stay Included

Upon your landing at the Airport, we will be there to welcome at the Airport and to pick you up from there. We will then go on a short drive to the Camino Real Aeropuerto México, your accommodation for stay.

Camino Real Aeropuerto México sounds like an excellent choice for travelers looking for convenience and comfort near Mexico City Airport. Its prime location opposite Terminal 1, with a footbridge connecting it directly to the airport, makes it highly accessible for travelers. The exclusive check-in desk for hotel guests likely streamlines the arrival process, adding to the convenience factor. Overall, this hotel seems to offer a combination of luxury, convenience, and accessibility, making it an attractive option for travelers visiting Mexico City, whether for business or leisure.

Day 2

Thrilling Day Tour to City's Major Attractions & Mexico City Anthropology Museum

  • Breakfast

The historical surroundings of Mexico City promise to be a fascinating journey through the city's rich cultural heritage and architectural marvels. Today, we will pass through Reforma Avenue, an iconic avenue built by Emperor Maximilian that offers a glimpse into Mexico City's past and present. It is adorned with significant monuments and landmarks, providing insight into the city's history and architectural evolution. Further, we will explore Juarez Avenue and La Alameda Park, which runs along La Alameda Park and leads to the majestic Palacio de Bellas Artes, a masterpiece designed by the renowned Italian architect Adamo Boari.

Continuing our Journey, we will navigate towards 5 de Mayo Street and Zocalo, Chapultepec Park, and Las Lomas. Further, your visit to the National Museum of Anthropology, where you'll delve into the origins and achievements of ancient Mesoamerican civilizations such as Teotihuacan, Aztec, Olmec, and Maya. This immersive experience will unveil the remarkable advancements in architecture, astronomy, mathematics, philosophy, and art that defined these civilizations.

Day 3

Quick Excursion to Teotihuacan and Guadalupe Shrine

  • Breakfast

A day excursion to Teotihuacan, "The Place of the Gods," promises to be a captivating exploration of ancient Mesoamerican civilization and religious devotion. In today's excursion, we will first visit the Teotihuacan Archaeological Site, which is located approximately 53 kilometers from Mexico City; Teotihuacan was once the thriving epicenter of the Teotihuacan culture. You'll further encounter the awe-inspiring structures such as the Moon Pyramid, the Sun Pyramid, the Quetzalpapalotl Temple, the Feathered Snails Temple, and the Quetzalcoatl Temple. These monumental edifices offer insights into the religious beliefs, architectural prowess, and urban planning of the ancient Teotihuacanos.

Pacing up our vacation, we will make our way to Guadalupe Shrine and Plaza de las Tres Culturas. Here, you'll witness a convergence of Mexico's diverse historical epochs, represented by pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern influences. You'll have the opportunity to visit the new Basilica, designed by architect Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, which houses the original image of Mexico's Patron. The annual celebration takes place on December 12th, when hundreds of thousands of Mexicans gather to honor the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Day 4

Mexico City Hotel to Airport

  • Breakfast
  • Hotel To Airport

As you enjoy your breakfast, take a moment to reminisce on the memories created, the friendships forged, and the insights gained during your travels. Cherish the moments spent immersing yourself in the beauty and diversity of Mexico City. 

We will then drop you off at the Airport, from where you can catch your flight back home. 


Day 1-2-3

Mexico City

Camino Real Aeropuerto México

To and From the Transfer Facility (Airport)

Accommodation at “Camino Real Aeropuerto México”: 3 Nights/4 Days

Day Tour to Chapultepec Park and Las Lomas, National Museum of Anthropology, 5 de Mayo Street and Zocalo, Juarez Avenue La Alameda Park, and Reforma Avenue.

Excursion to Teotihuacan and Guadalupe Shrine

Entrance Fees

All Meals as indicated

Travel Insurance

Airfare & Airfare Taxes

Items having a personal nature

  • Day Tour to Chapultepec Park and Las Lomas, National Museum of Anthropology, 5 de Mayo Street and Zocalo, Juarez Avenue La Alameda Park, and Reforma Avenue.
  • Excursion to Teotihuacan and Guadalupe Shrine.

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per adult on twin sharing

  • Transfer
  • Stay Included
  • Breakfast
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Mexico City Package for 3 nights and 4 days : Frequently asked questions

The breathtaking cultural and art scenes makes this destination stands out of the rest tourist destinations..

Taxco Silver, Chocolate, Oaxacan pottery, Huichol art, Talavera pottery, and Molinillo are some of the best things that you can get from Mexico..

No. To have travel insurance isn't restricted at all. However, you can add a protection shield by getting travel insurance..

Yes. Travelers are free to modify/customize their vacation package as per their preferences or interests..