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Yup…The season of vacations is on board. Discovering new places with panoramic views, alluring places, pristine neighborhoods, and an abundance of amazing outdoor activities is quite an interesting activity in which one can indulge during vacations.

Europe is acclaimed all around the world for the stupefying places that it holds. The rich history, culture, iconic architecture, lifestyle, nightlife…everything is so attractive that one cannot resist himself from falling into the vibrant colors of European culture.

In relation to your search for alluring places, we have come up with one of the gems of European destinations, and it is Riga. Having its traces dates back to 1201, it is the capital of Latvia. Moreover, the c...

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Riga Package : Frequently asked questions

Riga is incorporated with seamless public transport. The general transportation facilities, the services of which you can avail are buses, trains, trolley-buses, and minibuses..

Yes, the city is small, which means that the place is perfect for planning a short vacation. .

There are basically three languages spoken in Riga: Latvian, the official language of the place; Russian, and English.

The destination is considered safe even for solo travelers. However, it is recommended to be cautious at night. .