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Vacations are the perfect opportunity to explore the breathtaking destinations scattered across the world. Discovering new destinations and learning about different cultures is one of the exciting and interesting things that people enjoy most. The mesmerizing views of the amazing places, witnessing iconic architecture, calming and pristine towns and cities are the perfect break that you can give to your soul.

But, if you are still queued with which destination you should opt for, then we have caught you. We have found an alluring and perfect European city that you can explore this vacation. We are here referring to Minsk – one of the oldest European cities.

The city was mentioned for the very first time in the Historical Chronicle in the year 1067. Holding pres...

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Minsk Package : Frequently asked questions

To explore the city destinations, the perfect and the most economical way is to enjoy the services of the city’s public transport. Buses, metro, and trams are the general public transport services that you can use to reach city landmarks.

A few of the famous landmarks within the Minsk city are The Minsk Botanical Park, Victory Park, The Island of Tears, and The National Museum of Belarusian History and Culture.

To check the major attractions of the city, an itinerary of around 3-4 days is perfect.

Yes, the city is safe to explore, but just like other destinations, travelers are asked to be vigilant while being in crowded areas or traveling on public transport.