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Vacations are the perfect escape from your daily work schedule, and exploring new places is one of the most interesting activities that is highly liked by the people. Needless to say, there is no shortage of picturesque places on Earth, and Europe is amongst the top destinations that hold an abundance of alluring places which captivate travelers from all around the world to come and witness its beauty.

Belgrade is one of the stupefying places that will surely satiate your wanderlust with its immense beauty. Apart from being the capital of Serbia, it is also one of its largest cities.

The city is incorporated with abundance of pristine places that draw the attention of people from different corners of the world. By including the major landmarks of the city, craft an i...

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Belgrade Package : Frequently asked questions

Yes, apart from the local language, Serbian, people also know English. Thus, the majority of people speak English..

The city has a good network of public transport. The city offers options for buses, trolleybuses, and trams. .

An itinerary of around 3-4 days is enough to explore the city. Further, people can stretch their itinerary to around 7 days..

Yes, the city is safe for travelers to explore, but it is recommended to stay vigilant in crowded areas. .