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If the thought of spending a holiday in Mexico makes you feel delightful, then book your flight tickets with TrekHops and enjoy an extravagant holiday in the most diverse country of the world. Showcasing the perfect balance between modern culture and rich history, this country is all about the thrilling experiences, exotic vibes, and romantic aura. Sits in the southern portion of North America, Mexico is blessed with surreal beauty and lets the travelers spend some memorable time amidst nature. This country is filled with wonders and always tops the bucket list of almost all travelers in the world. If you wish to have the enthralling experience in Mexico without costing a fortune, then simply head to our website and get your flight tickets done in no time.

Be it the charm of exotic beaches, vibrant cities, snow-clad mountains and vast stretch of deserts, this country has everything to make your vacation worthwhile. It is one of the most visited countries on this planet and is home to plenty of archaic monuments and UNESCO world heritage sites. Plan your vacation to Mexico and take a trip to famous shopping malls to pamper the shopaholic inside you, visit the renowned food spots to tickle your taste buds, and go to the vibrant nightclubs to enjoy a thrilling experience. Get your flight tickets done to Mexico now and fetch the eye-popping deals and offers to save big.

Top Attractions in Mexico to Explore

When it comes to choosing the holiday destination, there are a mind-boggling number of options to choose from; but owing to the cultural diversity, rich history and architectural brilliance, Mexico always stays on the top recommendation. This country is dotted with a myriad of attractions that will cast a magical spell on you.


If you are a beach fanatic, then this is an ideal destination for you to visit. Tulum is the perfect choice for sand and sea holiday. Visit here and witness the charm of sugar sand beaches and magical turquoise water. Book your flight tickets to Tulum and have a choice of some of the best beaches in this geography.


The second-largest city in Mexico, Guadalajara has an abundance of museums and culture spots that mainly preserve the history of this country. This destination is an ideal choice for the history buffs who get delighted with the rich history that this country has to offer. Book your flight tickets now with us and enjoy a soul-satisfying vacation and that too without burning a hole in your wallet.


One of the best cities to visit in Southern Mexico, Izamal has its unique charm and it will keep on resonating in your memory. This city is aptly named as Ciudad Amarilla (yellow city) as every single building of this city has painted itself yellow.

Isla Cozumel

Want to escape the crowd? If yes, then visit Isla Cozumel and enjoy the best scuba diving experience. This place has gained international fame owing to its serene beaches and peaceful environment. It oozes its rare and natural charm and boasts a vast marine life.

Top-Notch Airlines that Serve the Fascinating Country of Mexico

Being the most visited countries in the world, Mexico is served by plenty of airlines. Some of them are mentioned here so that travelers can make the right choice for their next vacation.

Aeromexico Airlines

Founded in 1934, Aeromexico is one of the leading and the longest-operating airlines in the world. Based in Mexico City, this airline features a massive domestic and international network and covers over 90 destinations in South America, Europe, Mexico, North America, the Carribean, and Asia. Aeromexico has the fleet of 61 modern aircraft that are equipped with excellent amenities and best-in-class services. This airline also shares a codeshare agreement with some of the leading air carriers of the aviation industry to facilitate the travelers. It is one of the founding members of the very famous SkyTeam airline alliance. This airline offers exceptional customer service to the flyers and ensures to make your journey interesting.

In-flight Amenities

Aeromexico is equipped with all lavish in-flight amenities and thus assures that you will be going to enjoy every inch of your journey. From award-winning in-flight entertainment systems to amazing dining to excellent Wi-Fi and everything in between, Aeromexico has it all to make your journey a lifetime experience. Once you board the flight, you will be connected to the on-board Wi-Fi and browse your favorite movies, TV shows, web series, and carry out transactions without any hassle. Having fun while flying in the air is the best thing you can ever enjoy in the flight. In addition to this, you can enjoy reading and find inspiration with their on-board magazines.

Moreover, this airline offers you mouth-watering snacks and beverages to satisfy your taste buds. Aeromexico has several options to adapt to your needs and thus if you have any specific requirement, then you can request the same at least 48 hours before the flight take-off. From Baby Meal, Gluten-Free Meal, Diabetic Meal, to Strict Vegetarian, Kosher, Volatile Veg, this airline has everything to satisfy your hunger. Travelers can either choose Tourist Class, AM Plus or Premier Class, depending on their budget and enjoy their journey like never before.

Online Flight Check-in

Those days have long gone when you need to visit the airport so early to get your boarding pass as now you can simply do this on the swipe of your fingertips. You can check-in for your Aeromexico flight either by using the official website or by downloading the mobile app. Check-in timings vary for domestic and international flights. If you are flying on the domestic flight, then the check-in begins 48 hours before the flight departure and ends one hour before your flight departs. However, if you are traveling on the international flight, then web check-in is available between 24 hours and one hour prior to the scheduled departure time.

Tips to Save on Aeromexico Flight Booking

TrekHops is the one-stop solution to fetch amazing deals and exclusive discounts. If you genuinely want to save bucks, then wait no more and visit our website to book the flight tickets at the budget-friendly rates.

Here are some tips to save on your Aeromexico Bookings:

  • Plan your trip in advance at least 2 to 3 months before the departure of your flight
  • Always go for the round-trip to save money

Volaris Airlines

Founded in 2004 and commenced its operations in 2005, Volaris Airline is the ultra-low-cost air carrier based in Mexico. With its major hubs at Guadalajara, Mexico City and Tijuana, this airline schedules its flights to more than 44 destinations within Mexico and around 22 destinations elsewhere in the Americas. It has a codeshare agreement with several top-notch airlines to facilitate the flyers. Volaris Airlines is the country’s second largest air carrier and is the leading name in the Mexican’s domestic airline market. It has a fleet size of over 81 modern aircraft and offers all essential in-flight amenities to offer you a home-like comfort in the air.

In-Flight Amenities

Volaris Airlines is all set to make your journey convenient by offering excellent in-flight amenities. It is equipped with an award-winning entertainment system that will never let you face the dull moment while flying in the air. You can easily enjoy your favorite TV shows, web series, blockbuster movies and music albums on the personalized screen. In addition to this, Volaris also provides the in-flight dining facility to the travelers so that they can satiate their hunger without any hassle. Travelers can easily select among different drink and meal options and fulfill the craving of their taste buds. Moreover, Volaris Airlines offers comfort kits for adults and coloring books for the kids so that both can make the best out of their journey. Along with these, Volaris Airlines offers several other advantages to the travelers like advance seat selection and trip hold facility. Those days are the matter of the past when settling on your not-so-favorite seat was a compulsion as now is the time when you can make advance selection of your preferred seat and enjoy your journey in the lap of comfort.

Online Flight Check-in

If you have an urge to save your time and effort at the airport, then opt for the web check-in facility and download your e-boarding pass without leaving your space. If you are flying on domestic flights, the online check-in facility remains available between 72 hours and 1 hour before the departure of the flight; however, if you have made bookings on the international flight, then this facility is available between 24 hours and 60 minutes before the flight leaving time. Travelers are advised to get the flight check-in done within the deadline to avoid further hiccups.

Tips to Save on Volaris Flights

Wish to enjoy air travel at a budget-friendly price? If yes, then simply head to our website and save to the maximum. We are the one-stop destination to offer a wide range of flights and that too at affordable fares.

Here are some tips and tricks to minimize your expenses while flying with Volaris Airlines:

  • Book flight tickets well in advance, say 45 to 60 days before the departure.
  • Always go for the connecting flights instead of the direct options to save more.
  • Get updated with the airline’s deals and offers before getting your seats done.

Interjet Airlines

A Mexican low-cost air carrier and the third-largest airline in the country, Interjet is headquartered in Mexico City. Founded in March 2005, this airline operates its flights to more than 55 destinations in Mexico, Central America, South America, North America, and the Caribbean. This low-cost airline is an ideal choice for the budget-oriented travelers who wish to travel the world without burning a hole in their wallet. It is packed with several extras that you can enjoy for additional charges like extra legroom, extra baggage, and a lot more to count. With the fleet size of 11 modern aircraft, this airline has now become one of the most preferred choices among budget-savvy travelers worldwide.

In-Flight Amenities

Traveling with Interjet means always being able to expect extraordinary things. This airline is committed to offer unique travel experience to the travelers and thus boasts everything that you need to make your journey memorable, be it the top-class in-flight entertainment system, tempting cuisines, or comfortable seating options. Interjet believes that little things can turn a moment into something really special and thus, the airline’s crew members will always take care of every single thing you need. When you choose to fly with this Mexican air carrier, you will get the access to the best in-flight entertainment facilities. Some of the Interjet Planes boast an audio service on the seat. All you need to do is connect your headphones and select among the wide array of music channels that includes classic, regional, great voices, decades in Spanish, decades in English, audiovision, kids and many more to count.

In addition to this, Interjet offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to the travelers while flying. Also, you can tickle your taste buds with the wide selection of sweet and salty snacks on-board.

Web Check-in

Online flight check-in is the best way to avoid long queues at the airport. However, one thing must be noted that this facility is available for the limited time duration and travelers need to complete their check-in process within the deadline to avoid any trouble later on. Web check-in facility for Interjet domestic flights will be available between 48 hours and 60 minutes before the flight departing time. If you are traveling on the international flight, then you need to check-in for your flight between 24 hours and 2 hours before the flight departs. Take care of the check-in deadlines and download your boarding pass in less than no time.

Tips to Save on Interjet Flights

Do you have an urge to minimize your travel expenses? If yes, then visit our website and get your flight bookings done without costing a fortune. We are famous for offering amazing deals and discounts that will surely drop your jaw in awe.

Here are some tips to save bucks while making flight booking with Interjet Airlines:

  • Book flights at offbeat timings like early morning or late night.
  • Never forget to add the promo code or discount coupon, if you have any, while making reservations with Interjet.

Southwest Airlines

Headquartered in Dallas, Southwest is the largest low-cost air carrier in the world. Came into existence in 1967, this airline has now become one of the most preferred choices among travelers worldwide. This airline schedules its flights to more than 103 destinations in 40 states.

Spirit Airlines

An American ultra-low-cost air-carrier, Spirit Airlines is the eight-largest commercial airline in North America. With its headquarters at Miramar, this airline operates flights to more than 77 destinations throughout Central America, the Caribbean, United States, and South America.

Major Airports to Fly in Mexico

  • Mexico City international Airport
  • Guadalajara International Airport
  • Cancun International Airport
  • Tijuana International Airport
  • Monterrey International Airport
  • Los Cabos International Airport
  • Merida International Airport
  • Del Bajio International Airport
  • Veracruz International Airport
  • Hermosillo International Airport

Interesting Facts About the Scintillating Land of Mexico

  • It is the world’s second-largest country with Catholic population.
  • The country is famous for its beer and is referred to as the world’s largest beer exporter.
  • Mexico has the sixth-largest electronic industry on this planet.
  • It is the home to world’s smallest volcano i.e. The Cuexcomate Volcano which stands just 43 feet tall.
  • Mexico’s real name is Estados Unidos Mexicanos and this country is divided into 31 states and the Federal district.
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